2300 Tasting Notes

I wasn’t going to drink any tea this morning, but my daughter called to me that she had made a pot of this as she went out the door. I was just going to SNIFF it, that’s all, but it made me go all weak in the knees when that smokey rich aroma got in my head.

It has been quite a week, such a mixture of great things and hard things all happening at once. Thank heaven for tea.

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drank Matcha To-Go by Aiya
2300 tasting notes

Long ago, I found out that my neighbor was using his 30 minute lunch break to come home and let his dog out. Since he lives more than ten minutes from work, well, you get where I am going. I told him that I would be happy to let his dog out to play with my dog so neighbor can have an actual lunch break with actual lunch since I work from home and have more flexibility. For this service that I perform, my neighbor blesses me now and then with something from the store where he works. (I also make home made yogurt for his dog to take her supplements in.)

This week he gave me matcha and a portable essential oil diffuser! What fun!

I wouldn’t have had high hopes for matcha like this, but I saw that the only review was a good one.

Pouring it into my matcha bowl, the powder is deep army green, not as bright and vibrant as my favorites have been. The aroma is quite good, though! When I whisked it up, it did froth, but not as much as Harney’s or DoMatcha. But that isnt surprising since it is really designed to mix without frothing.

Now it is deep green liquor. And the taste is good! Again, it isn’t at the level of Harney’s best but it is easy to drink and I enjoyed it. I imagine that prepared as a cold, shaken matcha it can hold its own with any out there. I will easily finish this over the next couple of weeks.

Lexie Aleah

What a lovely relationship you two have. It’s always great when neighbors get along well. His dog must love you especially with the homemade yogurt. May I ask what type of job you have that lets you work from home?


I teach voice and piano lessons! His dog and mine are rescues from the same place. His dog is a year older, and before we had our dog, my youngest daughter kept his pup entertained while he was at work and helped train her.

Lexie Aleah

How fun! I play the piano myself. So great that they get along with each other as well and that they are both rescues.

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Four sisters come for music lessons on Thursday afternoons, and last week they invited me to their home after lessons to celebrate my birthday with a tea time! One of the girls had purchased this tea at Home Goods and served it, and I couldn’t wait to try it because she has been telling me about it for a few weeks now. I love my students!

It is so rosy! Not icky bubble bath rosy. Just delicious and girly and foofy and sweet. I was really surprised that when it was resteeped, it was still significantly flavorful. It was in no way a letdown after the first delicious pot.

Lovely tea, lovely tin, great value because of how well it resteeps. We didn’t go for a third steep, but I would love to know if it holds up for that. And I drank it in such lovely company, so how could I not have good memories of this tea?

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drank Jasmine Tea by Golden Moon Tea
2300 tasting notes

Cold steeped it and it is still a nope for me. Sending it off to a new home! I just don’t like the base on this one.

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drank Jasmine Tea by Golden Moon Tea
2300 tasting notes

Follow up to yesterday’s review – I tried this iced and sweetened today. It is still a big old nope for me. Oh well. Teavivre’s jasmine teas just can’t be beat and fortunately I have some on hand. This one will have to depart.


I’m sorry to say I agree about this one — I’m a huge jasmine green fan and this one just lacks oomph.


I decided to give it one last shot and have it cokd steeping now. If it isn’t palatable that way, it goes away. If it is a decent cold steep, I will drink up that way as rapidly as possible and not buy it again.

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drank Jasmine Tea by Golden Moon Tea
2300 tasting notes

I thought I was going to love this since I have two black teas by GM that I like a lot. Sadly, this isn’t a winner for me. It would be okay with food. Daughter liked it okay. Hubby said nope, and left after one cup. The green base is not to our liking. The jasmine was fine as far as the taste and the level of intensity.

Teavivre has too many great jasmine teas for me to fool around with this tin any longer. I will try it as an iced sweet tea so as to not be wasteful.

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I received a sample of this tea ifrom mrmopar in a Christmas card! I wanted to try it with family at a time when we could sit and discuss the merits of the tea and really focus on it, rather than when we were sipping as we palyed games or had snacks. The opportunity came a few nights ago.

The dry leaves reminded me of a tobacconist shop, not something I was expecting from a young-ish sheng. It is an aroma I enjoy, so I had hopes for everyone to enjoy this sheng, even the shu drinkers.

The steeped tea is very, very lively. The briskness translates to such an energy on the tongue, and the aftertaste is sweet and pleasant. We were drinking it shortly before bedtime, and I thought that it would be a wonderful tea to drink as a daytime pick-me-up when energy is flagging but there is work to be done. It didn’t keep me from being able to fall asleep at my usual time, however. The flavor was reminiscent of green teas I have had that are brisk on the tongue with a sweet rising aftertaste. My youngest said it was very minty to her, more like spearmint than peppermint.

My eldest and youngest had a sheng at a tea festival, and the Chinese vendor told them that his sheng sample might not be what they were accustomed to. They bravely told him that they drank puer all the time! He laughed and told them it wasn’t like his, and handed them a cup…and they nicknamed it murder tea. Apparently, it was a VERY sour sheng!

Youngest was one of the people drinking this Bao Tang, and pronounced it very drinkable. It has helped her recover from her sheng trauma. We had numerous steeps before heading off to bed in sloshy contentment.

Thank you to mrmopar for a nice new tea experience!

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Review title: THE DOG MADE ME DO IT or “Why I Am Drinking Puerh At Nearly Midnight?”

Hubby and I have meant to get back to doing yoga together. I suggested we really make an appointment in the evenings so we will be motivated to do it. He agreed.

Tonight is a beautiful night. The sky is clear and the stars are so bright. There is a very light breeze and it is warm for late February, highs around 80F, but that isn’t unusual here. I suggested that we do yoga in the backyard instead of the living room.

When I went out after changing into my stretchy clothes, hubby had hung a candle lantern and spread quilts for us. I brought out my iPad and played Spa Suite on Pandora. And it was so lovely. Then….I notice the dog.

Sam had come out with us as he loves to be near when we do yoga, but when I looked up from downward dog, I saw his squatty position over near the chicken pen and told hubby, “Mark that spot in your mind.” Apparently, it was a very fulfilling poo because he then began to kick the dirt with his back legs with great energy, showering my arms and wrists with damp soil. (It has been very foggy off and on and the soil is a bit wet in spots.). Mmmm. The smell of geosmin! So even though I had just finished my glass of lavender water, I was now craving puerh.

The stillness of our romantic yoga time was then shattered by the hospital helicopter flying back to Chapel Hill for the night. (We live in walking distance of the hospital.). It was flying low and we were even momentarily raked with the lights as it flew by.

A few minutes later when I am turned the opposite way from how I had started, I am hit with the smell of dog poop. Ah well. Nature. What can you expect? It must be wafting over from the recent pile. Then….gasoline. Gasoline? I tell my husband. He says it is probably from the woodsplitter he was using day before yesterday that is sitting pretty close to the dog poop. I tell him I think I preferred Eau de Poop to the gasoline smell.

Yoga done, we gather our things and head back in to the house. “Oh,” hubby says, “there is a gas can sitting right there near your head. And the pooper scooper. With some nuggets in it.”

I suggest that he “romance-scape” a little more carefully next time!

So now that I am craving the lovely, nature-y, woodsy smell of puerh, we are having this lovely cake in the living room with our tea tray on the floor, which is thankfully pretty free of any other aromas.

Lexie Aleah

This was extremely entertaining to read. :)


I really enjoyed reading about your attempt at romantic outside yoga! :-)
My fav yoga music is Yoga Breathe by Chris Phillips & Donald Quan. I tried finding yours on ITunes but but nothing came up.


I needed a giggle. Thank you!


thank you for the imagery and the laughs =)

Evol Ving Ness

Ah well, parts of it were certainly idyllic. Thank you for inserting us into your lives for a moment or two.


She was having ‘poo air’ after all….. ;P


mrmopar: I certainly was! Ha ha!

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I can not believe I have only reviewed this tea one time, and it was frightful review about how adding lemon to this tea made it turn vicious.

What a different day! You see, after I tried that sample, I bought a one pound bag of lavender from Harney and Sons. I was planning to use it for the occasional cup of tea, for adding to other teas or tisanes like tulsi, and for making sachets and such.

I recently got the idea that since I like rosemary water very much, I might like lavender water. I simply put about two teaspoons – maybe a tablespoon – of lavender blossoms into a carafe and filled it with cold water and put it in the fridge. At first the water stayed clear, for hours and hours. By the next morning, it was yellow. I poured it through a strainer and tasted and found it a bit strong, so I drank it mixed half and half with cold water. It was perfect! This also stretched my carafe and gave double the cold tea I had anticipated. I think this will be a regular thing to alternate with my rosemary water, since I don’t have quite as much rosemary growing as I used to have. It is so relaxing and I really slow down and breathe when I drink it.

Evol Ving Ness

It sounds like a lovely thing to have on hand.


I gifted some to some of my student’s today. I am eager to see how they like lavender tea, hot and cold!

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When I bought a tin of this tea at The Fresh Market, I had forgotten that I had tried a sample once before. My initial reaction to it was that it was a bit strong for my liking since I don’t add milk or sugar, but it was good.

But today was tea party day! It used to be Wednesday afternoons but we have switched to Monday lunches for the past six months or so. Today I served chicken salad sandwiches. I tried to copycat the Honey Nut chicken salad from Sprouts. I used oven roasted chicken breast with poultry seasoning, shallot salt, garlic salt, pepper, mayo, a hint of mustard, honey, Craisins sliced in half, sliced almonds chopped medium fine, and chopped pecans. Dessert was a Chocolate Marscapone Tart that youngest made. This tea….HIT THE SPOT. The tart was rich and chocolate-y and I expect not many teas could have stood with it, but this tea did it with no problem. The flavor was dark and rich and cut right through the tart and asserted itself in the best way.


Oh my, all that food sounds wonderful!


Yum! Now I want to make that chicken salad!


And chopped dried cranberries or Craisins! I will edit to add it.

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about eight years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

I am also reviewing for Sororitea Sisters now!

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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