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So my buddy at work who I usually share a daily cuppa with told me about Grandpa’s Cheese Barn, and that his wife picked this one up when they visited and didn’t like it. So he brought this one in to share. So of course I asked how she had brewed it since in my own experience white tea can go awry if you don’t pay attention to the time and temp. The dry leaf smells really good. Almost like Engelskuss (Angel’s Kiss) by Cafe-Contor that mercuryhime shared with me which my daughter claimed to be cotton candy tea. It’s really good it has a nice berry-ish flavor. The tea base itself is nice and light. So of course I want to check this place out since it’s maybe an hour drive.


Grandpa’s Cheese Barn?

The DJBooth

Ha ha yeah I’ve never been there but it exists and a lot of people I know on facebook were talking about it over the weekend.

Tina S.

It scares me that I’ve heard of the Cheese Barn before . . .


Ha! We love this one, it’s the one we picked up on our way down to Tennessee! Their tea selection was almost scary!


So did you ever find out if she had scorched it or not? I suspect that one would have gone down well in this house. Anything with black fruit generally does.

Autumn Hearth

Interesting, been their twice, but never ventured into the other food and gift area where I imagine their tea would be. Good cheese though.

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Coldbrewed overnight…and overnight…and overnight.

This was another casualty of my food poisoning, left to coldbrew for three days. Whoops.

But it didn’t really hurt it that much, if at all. I really do love this tea, it’s light and…and fluffy. Yes, fluffy. I almost tastes like cotton candy.

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So on our trek down to Nashville (from Toronto), we stopped for lunch in a little place called Ashland, Ohio. Imagine my wife’s touristy glee when the restaurant was next to a big barn with a huge sign out front: “Grandpa’s Cheese Barn”.

So of course we stopped in, expecting a touristy, kitchy place full of country goodies.

We didn’t expect to find a whole display of loose leaf tea. A big bag of white tea for $6? Hey, even if it’s crap, that’s a good price.

It’s not crap. I’m actually rather in love with this one. I over sweetened it, because there is a lot of natural sweetness in the tea. It’s fruity and light and wonderful for this sunny summer day!


That is not so far from me…I have never stopped in there!


I love that story! Who expects to find tea in Grandpa’s Cheese Barn??


You should! We had a lot of fun!


We certainly didn’t! XD

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