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I have had this one for a while. It’s a tea kinda day. I love Pu’Erh and was excited to get this one. Thick body. Dark brew. I tried this time brewing in a Chemex…I don’t recommend that. I had to run it through a few time. To me it’s okay but not my favorite Pu’Erh . The flavor is a little metallic.

Flavors: Mushrooms


Welcome back! Long time, no see!


Oh a NEO tea drinker! I was nestled right in the middle of Cleveland and Alliance for a handful of years. Are there any good tea spots in your corner of Ohio?

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Discovered this from a chiropractor who I did production work for. I produced an informercial that air on my radio station. I find this to be soothing for my heartburn issues. If I need a little extra I put in a drop of ginger essential oil. I think it’s good for the price. I’ll probably put a box in my DJ boxes when weddings can get underway again. Hope everyone is doing well.


Interesting! I haven’t seen this one locally.

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drank Earl Grey Creme by Teavana
377 tasting notes

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Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers. After taking my wife to breakfast I was going to make Pu-Ehr, but my wife asked me to make the tea that she likes. A combination of oolong and Teavivre Golden Monkey, or as my wife calls it Chinese restaurant tea. Finishing off the King’s Oolong.

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drank Lavender Crème by Teavana
377 tasting notes

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Morning Traffic reporting…break out the good stuff. Hey all sorry to be inactive for so long. It’s been kinda hectic in my world. Job…or should I say jobs..family and heading back to school. They carry this at CAM Asian market which is just a phenomenal place. I love their street crepes that they only serve on the weekends. First of all I am a fan of Genmaicha and matcha. This is inexpensive but really good. It’s good as a mixer but I think it’s good straight up hot as well.

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drank Dawn by The Simple Leaf
377 tasting notes

Still hanging on to a little bit of this left over and it is still amazing. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been on but life just seems to be crazy these days.

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drank Jasmine Green by Pokka
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Perusing the Asian Market I came across this one for 99 cents. It’s not bad. Really sweet and quite flowery. Not bad for on the go.

Flavors: Flowers, Jasmine

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So I realize that it has been since June that I have done a tea review….what is wrong with me? Well….life. Let’s see my son Zebedee was born on June and work has been absolutely nuts. One day I’m in at 5:30 am the next it’s 9 or another time. Rarely is there a week where I’m not working 6 days straight and with DJ gigs sometimes is 16 hour days. It’s a challenging time right now in our house. Today I’m celebrating. It’s my birthday. I must have tea! Pulled this one out of the tea cabinet. I love a good Keemun. I opened up the sample and breathed it in! Leathery…malty…the qualities that are awesome about Keemun. It’s a good straight black definitely a good one to have on for number 36.


Welcome back and happy birthday! Hope things will calm down a bit in your household. I’m glad you’re taking the time to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

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Sooooooo Happy Ice Tea Day! Is it a coincidence that ice tea month is 6 months from hot tea month in January? No celebration is a must. However I’m celebrating with hot tea rather than the iced version I’m having it hot. https://youtu.be/Xf2MNCu5oqM Yes a little Power Station for your enjoyment. I have a great affection for Ginseng Oolong. I love the sweetness the back end of the sip…funny looks and inquisitions from coworkers. It’s harder to get Oolong flavor because of the ginseng but it’s a pretty good base. If it was a poor quality you would taste it. I’m liking this one quite a bit. I don’t know if I’ll get “boost” from the ginseng but, I’m liking it regardless. Maybe next steep will be on the rocks.

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DJ, Work in Radio,father, husband, Owner of my own mobile DJ business, and lover of tea.

My favorites are Pu-Erh, Black teas, Oolongs, Mate…then again I’ll try just about anything. If you are a company and would like me sample your tea. I would be more than happy to.


Cleveland/Alliance, Ohio



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