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I keep ordering this in my weekly Lufa delivery box because it’s so refreshing and easily drinkable – it’s easily become my favourite Kombucha of the moment. I low-key want to get a cute instagram photo of it because the can design is equally beautiful, but I never manage to hold onto the can long enough to get a photo – it’s always consumed the same day I receive it…

Flavors: Fennel, Hibiscus, Licorice

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Had to have it again!

Interestingly, I didn’t feel like I noticed the fennel as much this time – though don’t mistake that for meaning it wasn’t there. It was just so very, very striking my first tasting and this time I think I was just better prepared for how strong that note would taste. I love this kombucha a lot though, it’s a flavour idea I’d love to someday recreate if I dip my toes into the world of making kombucha.

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Sipdown (799)!

I’m so proud of myself for getting back under 800 teas so quickly; and I know it’s going to be short lived because I have a sample order from August Uncommon on the way but I’m really hoping I can keep this momentum going!

This ended up being my favourite of the Gutsy kombuchas (and I actually ordered more in this week’s Lufa/Grocery box) – which did surprise me a little bit. It’s pretty straight forward in its flavours though, and very accurate to the name. It really does just taste like a very bright, tart and juicy hibiscus note matched with that sweet, coating licorice type taste of fennel. I can see it probably being really polarizing because that fennel note is so incredibly strong, but I thought it was unique and refreshing and I latched on to that flavour…

Honestly, none of the kombucha flavours from this company were really bad or unpleasant and in one way or another I’d probably consider ordering all of them again. This one just stands out to me as being so unique in addition to being tasty, though. THe cardamom flavour is a very close second, though!

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Sipdown (796)!

If I’m ranking the three kombucha flavours I’ve tried from Gutsy so far, then this one is right in the middle. It wasn’t unpleasant at all but it was a whole lot of ginger without ANY raspberry and I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a little bit disappointing. It still tasted good (like a more vinegar-y ginger beer), but I’d have liked a bit of sweetness from the berry…

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Had this one on the way to work today; I’ve paused my Lufa boxes until everything settles during the Coronavirus craziness so no more kombucha top ups for a little while…

This was nice though; the ginger was the strongest note but deepened by sweet cardamom and a tangy apple type of flavour. All in all an excellent tea, though ginger always makes my throat tickles and I ended up kind of “choke coughing” after a particularly large swig on the metro this morning, and holy hell did that get some INTENSE states…

Aside from the two or three other people on the metro with me though, I didn’t walk past a single other human on my way to the office today. It was eery.

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This was the one non-cake tea I had today, and I drank it over lunch.

I don’t remember much about how it tasted today; honestly much of my work day today is a total blur. As I said in a previous tasting note this evening, it has been a SURREAL birthday!

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Sipdown (800)!

I liked this kombucha a lot more, in terms of taste, than the first one I tried from the company – not that the last one was exactly bad. I was kind of weirded out by what a cardamom kombucha might taste like, but in practice while the cardamom flavour was pretty clear it wasn’t actually that strong or intense and it worked almost shockingly well with the more acidic/vinegary notes, hints of ginger, and citrus. In fact, I almost wanted more cardamom from the profile!

Ultimately, I still loved this a lot – it was unique and refreshing and a great take on a spiced kombucha flavour profile!

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Sipdown (729)!

There’s a few different kombucha companies carried by Lufa, which is the weekly food delivery box that I do, and I’ve worked my way through their offerings now – but this past week they added a new one so I just picked up all four flavours of kombucha in their collection and added them to my weekly box.

I haven’t had much time to try them out in between my advents teas each day, but I had this one last night. I’m not entirely sure what skullcap is supposed to taste like but I know it’s apparently good for insomnia/helping people fall asleep so I figured this would be a good late night option. Admittedly, not a half hour after I started drinking this tea I was finding it IMPOSSIBLE to keep my eyes open. So, I think it works!?

Taste wise it was also really enjoyable – definitely channeling a bit of a sweeter cider vibe, but with an undertone of lemon/citrus and a nice gingery finish. So, kind of reminded me of a lighter and more nuanced hard cider. Complete with delightful fermentation fizz. If it weren’t for the fact it apparently make me SUPER tired, I think I could probably drink this on the regular – it was really smooth/easy drinking!


If I had to guess.. skullcap sounds like poison?

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