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This was a sample Yang-chu sent me. I tried it today and was using short steeping methods at first. 20s, 30s. On the 3rd steep I forgot it and it brewed longer. Not sure how long but over a minute for sure. It was the 3rd steep that tasted the best. More flavourful with deep honey sweet nectar flavour and hay notes. Even though the other steeps were lighter the honey nectar flavour kept drawing me in for more. Not sure how to rate this tea. I definitely liked it but haven’t decided if I love it so no rating.

Flavors: Hay, Honey, Nectar


Interesting – I was also reading the comments on AllanK note. The cake that I tried I did sort of like this – 5g 150ml 90C for abotu 30 sec to start and added time from there. The loose one I had I treated more Western… not 3 min steep but more than a minute. I enjoyed how both of them turned out, but I really feel like there are different styles of it out there and need to learn how to tell them apart…. shrug dunno – but I’m going to buy samples from everywhere that I can reasonably do that and see what happens. :)


Yeah, it seems not all of them respond well to the exact same steeping methods. They definitely can handle longer steeps than pu-erh.

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