1000 Tasting Notes

Anyone who’s been following me knows that I’m a HUGE cherry fan. I’m also a fan of AQ2T. I’ve really enjoyed other cherry flavored teas from them. So…… I was really excited when Indigobloom was kind enough to share some of this one with me. I should love this.

But I don’t….. sigh. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve steeped a few cups tonight – water temps 80-85-90 C – I’ve played with the steep times 2.5 – 3 – 4 minutes. I’ve resteeped leaves – I’ve used fresh leaves. I’ve added sweet, I’ve added milk, I’ve added both. Nope can’t do it. This is really icky. It’s cough syrup – and not just the fake cherry thing, but actually medicinal barely resembling cherry ewwww.

Thank you so much Indigobloom for sharing, I don’t understand why I don’t love this. There are several positive reviews so this is obviously something that just doesn’t work in my world. I may pass on the rest to someone else who will appreciate it. Sad face…..

Evol Ving Ness


Isn’t that interesting that our tastebuds do what they do.

Evol Ving Ness

Sorry that it sounded like such a winner and then nope, just nope.


That’s too bad. What are your favourite cherry teas at the moment, anyway?

Evol Ving Ness

I have to admit that I’ve been curious about this one. Some reviews have been really positive about this creation.

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Hi all. I haven’t written a tasting note in five months. At that time I was trying to get back into logging and drinking more tea. Yeah that obviously hasn’t happened. So again, I’m saying I’m going to try and get better at this.
I’ve been fighting a head/chest cold for the last couple of weeks. I picked up a nasty bug while I was in Toronto, and haven’t touched the amazing samples that my tea friends so generously gave me while there – thanks ladies. Feeling guilty


I’m still not 100% so I’m actually drinking a tea that I bought while there (thanks Sil for taking me to Tao’s) rather than dig into the samples – hoping to be able to do that soon.
I’ve written numerous times that this is my favorite black tea. I fell in love with it a few years ago (2013 was an amazing year for all Fujian black teas) and while not all harvests have been amazing, I always love it. This is no exception. I adore this tea. This harvest is a touch lighter and maybe just a hint fruity – but it still has the chocolate, malty, starchy goodness that I love. My favorite way to drink this style of tea is western steeped – lots of leaf, cool water and LONG steep. Mmmmmmmm I’m jut hugging this mug. Very happy with this tonight.


Welcome back!

Evol Ving Ness

Hey there, Dex! Good to see you posting. Sorry that that bug in still hanging on. I hope that you have been to see the doctor to make sure that it is not something that needs to be addressed. Hope this all passes quickly.

And yay, I am now drinking one of yours.


I’m so sorry you got sick here. I feel like that’s my fault! Glad the tea is everything you wanted it to be though :)


It’s not your fault I got sick. I was tired/run down before I left home then probably ran into some weird (at least to my MB system) bug on the plane/subway/hotel. Not your fault. I had a great time. :)

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drank Old Whitey by White 2 Tea
1000 tasting notes

This one is surprising me a little, but I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  It says 2016 so that means it’s not an aged white.  Leaves are completely different from a moonlight. 
It doesn’t have the old book, library thing that great aged whites have.  It doesn’t have the super sweet honey apricot thing that great moonlights have.  So it’s not really like either of those.  So what is it…..
It’s fantastic is what it is.  Light fruity juicy hint of hay (but in a fresh summer way).  It’s absolutely beautiful.  I’m going to steep it a little hotter next time and see if I can coax out some honey.  If not is still amazing the way it is.  Thanks so much Caile for sharing.  

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I had a really nice afternoon drinking tea with my tea guy, a tea friend, and some other people.  We sampled 6 dark teas served in a traditional manner.  The tea was good and it was a lot of fun.

Having drank dark tea all afternoon, I was in the mood for something lighter tonight.  I love this tea, it’s really light and fruity.  My package of this is getting older, but seems to be holding up well.  Tonight I was getting mostly pineapple but there was some tartness in the back.  Totally what I was in the mood for.

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drank Castalia by August Uncommon Tea
1000 tasting notes

I’ve been drinking this tea this afternoon while eating Chinese takeout and watching the hockey game
Mmmmm nice, very nice.  Roasted without being overly smokey.  Bold without being bitter.  Nutty, woody, little charcoal and that old quality in good aged oolong.   This is just very comforting – the kind of tea you just want to hug your mug.  I’m happy with this one.

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drank Jet Black by August Uncommon Tea
1000 tasting notes

Seriously thinking that tea and cookies will be dinner tonight. Just can’t seem to make descisions right now, the tin of this was sitting on the counter so Jet Black it is. It was sitting on the counter because I was drinking (well making then not drinking) it the other night. Got distracted, Jets won 8-2 switched channels and well that other event happened, tea did not get drank or appreciated. Trying again tonight….
I’m finding that with the bold AU teas I’m enjoying them more if steeped with less leaf, cooler water, longer steep time than my normal flavored black parameters. I feel that way about this one too. It’s just less weird when it’s milder.
I love coffee flavored teas. This one has a bit too much mate for me. The coffee is good, the base is fine. Not my favorite coffee tea but it’s good. Deep dark roasted smooth not bitter….with a little AU unidentified strangeness. (Might need to find some booze to dump in here…..)


Right I remember now why I didn’t keep drinking this the other night….. it’s not good cold. Drink it while it’s hot

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drank Jet Black by August Uncommon Tea
1000 tasting notes

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drank Black Pearls by CitizenTea
1000 tasting notes

Ok I’ll admit it – I don’t remember the last time I drank black tea. It’s been several months……
A couple of my tea friends have tried, and liked, this one in the last couple of days so I thought I should pull out my sample and try it too. My first thought was – why have I not been drinking blacks, my second thought was – what is this suppose to taste like, and my third – I really miss this.
So….. I’m out of touch, but this is working for me. I’m not getting the chocolate notes they were mentioning. I am finding sweet potato – starchiness – some malt, and maybe a touch of fruit. This is lighter than I was expecting. That sounds negative, but I like it (or am just happy to be drinking black tea again).


Nice to see you posting again. I thought blacks were your favourite teas.


Blacks are my favorite teas. I didn’t really drink any tea at all over the summer (rediscovered iced coffee) and I’ve been drinking mostly flavored stuff the last couple of weeks. This is the first straight black I’ve had in forever…. I think I miss it, need to be drinking more (not to mention the huge amount I have in my cupboard).


yes, yes you do! drink moar!


Yay for getting back into tea!
I totally drifted away in the spring and switched to coffee, but I’m back with tea – at least two cups a day anyway, and I know that feeling when you rediscover why you like unflavoured teas. <3


(Sorry not sorry about the iced coffee!)

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As you all know, I’m a HUGE moonlight fan. So of course I had to pick this up with my last August Uncommon order.
This is a good one. Light on the hay, some apricot, some honey, nice mild, no bitter. I am drinking this gongfu tonight and I feel like I under leafed it a little, maybe not quite as deep as I would like. I used boiling water with flash steeps and it’s just a little flat, I think a little more leaf will fix that.
This is not my favorite moonlight, and it’s pretty expensive. Happy with it but not sure I would buy more at this price.

drank Dark Iris by August Uncommon Tea
1000 tasting notes

Mmmmmm this is good. I’m getting more lime than peach, and not anything floral – but that is just fine with me. Most fruity oolong thst I’ve had have been with a green oolong base, this one is a darker oolong – and they chose a good one. The darker base isn’t woody, isn’t smoky or roasty, it’s pretty neutral but definitely oolong. It’s a little creamy, a little fruity (mostly lime), with some oolong notes. I drank this hot but I’m pretty sure it would be good as an iced tea.

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C.S. Lewis – “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

I needed to update my profile. I joined Steepster 03Mar13. I am just amazed at how much my tastes have changed since then.
When I discovered loose leaf tea about a year and half ago, I didn’t know anything other than my local Davids and Teavana/Teaopia. Stumbling onto Steepster CHANGED EVERYTHING.
Hello, my name is Dex I’m a tea addict.
I’ve been through the “I need to try every single tea out there” phase. I really hope the worst of that has passed. I’ve learned enough to know that I only need to try HALF of all the teas out there. LOL
When I started this journey, I was all about the flavored rooibos and fruity tisanes. Don’t get me wrong there is still room for dessert (chocolate/caramel/nutty) Rooibos teas in my cupboard and I still do enjoy them, BUT I am quickly learning to appreciate the some of the straight teas of the world.
Big bold (but not icky)pu’erh is suddenly my favorite, followed by woody/roasted oolongs. I’m just starting to explore straight black teas, and have found some that I really like.
Generally speaking I’m not into greens at all, only like the occasional green oolong, and white teas are just too mild for my tastes (unless they are fruit flavored). I still enjoy really good fruit tisanes, but am now cold steeping them.
I don’t like floral/herbal blends, and mint anything is not on my preferred list.
I am still exploring new teas, adapting to my changing tastes, understanding more every day how little I really know about tea. Ultimately I would love to find approximately 50 teas that I just “can’t live without” and always have them in my cupboard. That might not be practical, but that what I’m searching for. It’s going to be a fun journey.

All in all, I love this site. I’ve met some wonderful people, and have gotten to try some amazing teas because of them. It really restores your faith in humanity when you get a note saying “oh by the way I sent you some tea”. Wonderful, generous, people here.


Manitoba Canada

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