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reviewed FL700D51 Electric Kettle by Krups
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I own this electric tea kettle and I love it! Temperature control options are really handy while making your perfect cup of tea.
I usually just warm the water at the right temperature in the kettle and pour it to my cup steeping the tea with an infuser.

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drank Tea Maker FL7000 - Krups by Krups
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Finally! I have my variable temp kettle! I like the way it looks, especially with the filters in it, isn’t that silly? But it is attractive just as a pot for boiling water, too.

All of this section will be the pros and the facts. First, you can set the kettle on the base any old way. It spins – you can turn the handle how you wish. I find that handy.

The lid comes all the way off for filling and cleaning. (Some brands don’t, and they are harder to fill and clean because of the angle you must hold them.) The lid twists on securely so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself with steam or water as you pour as could happen if a lid popped off.

The lid and filters are plastic but they are BPA free. The dual filter allows you to tout leaves or bags in the small filter, insert into pot with filter raised, then you can lower it when the water reaches your desired temperature. When time is up, simply twist the top and the filter draws up out of the water and you can serve straight from the variable temp kettle if you wish. I bought this just to heat water, though!

The water came to a full boil at about 4 minutes 38 seconds. Testing it against my English kettle on the stove, which was more expensive than the electric kettle and is designed for super fast heating, the electric was a little faster as my stove kettle took 4 minutes 50 seconds to come to a full boil. I have noticed it whistles starting at about 195F so I gave it until I could hear the water rumbling a bit to stop the timer.

One of the deciding features for me – this kettle will hold your temp for ONE HOUR! Most others cut off after 20 or 30 minutes.

The lid and glass must be somewhat insulating because HOURS after I tested the pot I poured out the water and it was still warm. Not tea making warm mind you, but I expected it to be cold by then.

Now the one and only con I have found so far. It only holds one liter of water. I often make two Beehouse pots at a time and on tea party day I make three. One liter doesn’t quite cut it, but I can work around that, especially since I really bought this for gong fu steeping sessions.

Edited to add: Also, it doesn’t beep when it hits the target temperature. The blue light on the base turns red and flashes. I don’t know if that is a pro or a con! Beeping would get annoying, but sometimes I might not be paying enough attention!

So far, I really like it and I am not disappointed!

These are available at Tin Roof Teas and I had waited a long time for them to come back in stock. Just when they did, I found out that none of my kids were coming home for a couple of weeks, and I wanted my kettle yesterday, so I ordered it with a discount coupon code from Macy’s and also got free shipping. LOL! So it all worked out in the end, and I think I am still going to be picking up one more from Tin Roof for a friend!


Before I got my breville, I never really thought that a variable temp kettle was necessary … I had been eyeballing my water temp all those years and I had it down pretty well, but, it makes life so much easier to have the kettle do the work for you. That’s also why I absolutely love my Breville, it does even more of the work for me. :)


It was very nice to just hit a button for the temp I wanted! No pulling out the thermometer now! I think this will be especially useful for whites and greens. The fact that it will hold at 167F appealed to me because I have a couple of white teas that go that low and most of the kettles I saw did not. I think I am going to wish I had bought a while back!


Hi Ashmanra, I just received mine, (had to replace a cheaper one I had bought). You were right, it looks fantastic! I was just wondering if it stood the test of time, do you still enjoy using it as much?


I still love mine! And I gave one to my daughter and her fiancé as an engagement gift and they are thrilled with it. We use it at least several times a day and it still looks great and works great. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have enjoyed mine! I will not be without a variable temp kettle ever again if I can help it.


Sweet! Thank you so much, I’m happy to hear that cause I just made my first pot and I absolutely love it!!!! Very well constructed and so easy to use, a breeze. I chose to buy this one cause I remebered your review :-) Also, it’s got pretty good reviews on Amazon.
Gongrats on your daughter’s engagement, what a lovely gift!

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