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This was a fun tea until a lingering taste started to develop. This tea has my arch enemy red rooibos in it. The first part of each sip was fantastic. Chamomile with a bit of a honey baked apple cinnamon flavor. Towards the end is when I started to notice that oh too familiar woodsy medicinal flavor. This may not be the first chamomile tea I would grab to end the night but it is one I would like to experiment more with to see if I can somehow mute the red rooibos flavor. I really enjoyed the chamomile and green rooibos combo. Anybody know of any teas that are like this without the red rooibos?



quietly pulls all of the red rooibos samples out of Nichole’s box


Hahahaha! No please include them. There has to be a blend out there I like! I’ve been told I just haven’t found the right one :)


I started watching Sense8, I watched the first episode. It didn’t grab me, but I usually try to give a few episodes before I make a final call.


I’m hoping things starting making sense in episode 4. I find myself not enjoying the show because I’m trying to figure out what is going on.

Roswell Strange

I 100% fell in love with Sense8! The thing that people seem to not be getting (at least based on the reviews I’ve read) is that it’s a character driven show so of course the characters all have individual plot lines that do, by the end of the season, end up more closely tied in to one another. As well, the “Big Bad” is a white dude, so yes it does make sense that the plot lines of the white North Americans are more directly influenced by the “Big Bad” – it’s much harder for him to directly influence what’s going on with the characters in India, Africa, etc.


We watched episode 4 & 5 last night and I am in love with it now. I was on the fence until last night. I get the character driven part now and really like all 8 characters and stories and love how they are starting to interact. I think if people would watch up to episode 4 then it would start to make more sense and you can start to see pieces falling into place.

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I don’t drink a lot of oolongs but I think that needs to change. This was a nice smooth oolong. Almost malty. Pretty good. I had this in the form of a tea sachet. I could see myself wanting to get more of this.


I was so excited yesterday when my tea cup from Bulgaria showed up! I love this beautiful tea cup. I don’t have anything like it and now I feel “fancy” when I drink out of it. I’ve nicknamed it “Beauty”. Is that weird I named my tea cup?


Happy Tuesday all!


it’s a great looking cup!

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