Mad Pots of Tea by Madam Potts

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Keen thanks for a bit of this.

This is primarily floral…a bit bitter-floral. The mint is barely-there. The Sarsaparilla is a neat touch. I knew there was black tea in this but I couldn’t really pick up on the Earl Grey likeness as much.

I’d agree this is a lovely blend for weddings! I’m glad I got to try it!

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I had this made for a friend’s wedding, but they ended being total buttheads so I kept it for myself (and to share with my sis-in-law). I’m normally not an Earl Grey fan but I’m a fan of Madam Potts so I trust her. This is a great tea with a powerful, flavorful punch. If all Earl Greys tasted like this I’d be happy!

If anyone wants to sample, I have the bagged variety I can send to you. Just PM or email me [email protected].

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Ohhhh cant wait to try!!!!!


Lol! You are so funny!


@Sare – do you want bagged or loose? I have both.
@ashmanra – I aim to please! :)


I’d like to try it too! Is there anything with which I can reciprocate?


Yes, please!


Sounds YUMMY!


I would love to try some! I love earl grey. Thanks!


Lol whichever is Easyer for you :) I need to get your teas together lol so when our David’s teas come in I have it ready!!

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