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Sipdown (52 | 125)

I didn’t realize that I never wrote a note for this! Not gonna lie, this happens fairly often when I post something on Instagram – I end up forgetting to write a Steepster note. Sigh…

Originally I expected this packet to be just matcha (it’s in Japanese with only the tea name in English). But it’s actually a mix of sugar and matcha. I guess that explains why it was 100g, lol!

The first time, I tried it iced without milk, and I really enjoyed it! The matcha here is super duper smooth and has a lovely nutty flavor to it. The sugar is just a little too much for me, as I would like a stronger matcha flavor without it being too sweet. It’s difficult to balance the two.

For this last cuppa, I’m having it iced with oat milk. Really, I think this was a bit of a mistake because the matcha isn’t really strong enough to stand up to the more assertive flavor of oat milk. I probably should’ve prepared it with a mix of water and whole milk… But it’s still yummy, just has a rather subtle matcha flavor to it. And still too much sweetness.

Even though this wasn’t my favorite, it was still fun to drink since I bought it when I was in Kyoto in 2019, so it brings back good memories! Also, Malebranche has amazing confections and their okoicha langue de chat sandwich cookies with white chocolate filling were so good!

Flavors: Nuts, Roasted Nuts, Smooth, Spinach, Sugar, Sweet, Toasted, Umami, Vegetal

Iced 6 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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