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I can’t recall what company packaged the tea I had… but I was at the Royal York hotel in Piper’s Gastro Pub. It’s in the basement where they have all the shops and services etc.
The staff there are friendly and they provide a mixed snack bowl every time we go, regardless of whether we are just having tea or a full on meal. It’s convenient, being so close to the subway and go train station so I end up there alot.
Anyhow, the tea itself was pretty decent. I think it was anyhow…
except when the server took my little stainless steel pot, she replaced the tea bag!!!! I had SO been looking forward to seeing what a second steeping brought, but she decided to do me a “favour”. Agh. She didn’t know any better. Most people don’t resteep their darjeelings anyhow.
Like I said, the tea itself was pretty passable. Citrusy, with a little more of that pucker factor than I am used to. (and I steeped for maybe two min). Not in a sour way, but more that drying sensation.
I was engrossed in conversation, so I didn’t notice much else. I know the cup got a little better and rounder as it cooled. Super hot, it was just ok.
Overall I think it’d get a rating of maybe 84 but I don’t want to mess up some random tea if I’ve got the wrong one! I prefer the Margaret’s Hope I have here at home much more

Tina S.

I’m pretty sure all the places in the Royal York serve the Fairmount teas. I know they do in the Library Bar, and that’s what is in the hotel rooms as well. They do some pretty decent blends, for a bagged tea!


you’re probably right Tina! I should pay more attention next time… so that I can log it!
and I so agree, superb for a bagged one!

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A decent tea, but not nearly as good as this estate’s first flush from last year, a sentiment shared by another tea drinker I mentioned this to. (That’s the risk you take when you buy a single-estate tea, instead of a blended darjeeling. The good years are great and the other years are just O.K.) The tea goes tannic on you quickly, so keep the steeping time to no more than three minutes. If I’m disappointed in this tea, it’s only because last year’s harvest from this estate was perhaps the best darjeeling I ever had. This year’s isn’t nearly as good, but not a bad tea. But not inexpensive either.

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