Mya Yadanar

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I bought this at the Ex in August. I’d never seen ctc tea like this before, so finely balled that it looks like coffee grounds! The instructions call for only 1\4 of a tsp per cup. I can only assume that the increased surface area allows for the flavour to be extracted more. Even still, it seems a bit odd. So I went with half a teaspoon for my mug that holds 1.5 cups.
The tea itself is ok. Coppery, like a Ceylon tea, and a bit malty with some real astringent heft behind it all. It leaves a sour aftertaste. I find it somewhat boring on its own so have been adding milk.
Also, there is something there that makes me think of stale tea… except I can’t quite put my finger on it. What exactly does stale tea taste like???
The caffeine punch is great so I keep coming back for more :P

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