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This was a fun cup of nostalgia and one beautifully colored tea. However, it was also a big cup of hibby tartness with a bit of berry and a touch of vegetal flavor.

Check out my full review here: and whatever you do, don’t google what a Snozberry is!

Evol Ving Ness

Link takes us to the QTT review.


Oops. Thanks for letting me know, Evol! Should be fixed now :)

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Happy Monday all! What a weekend. I could use a few more hours sleep for sure.

This is one of last teas I have from Leslie @Paper Box Goodies (Etsy Store). This was a white tea chai which was nice but I can’t say that I would want more of it. For being a bagged teas, her teas are pretty good. This particular one just didn’t give me the chai and white tea flavors I was hoping for. But for fans of not overly spiced chais, this one could be for you.

For the rest of my sleep deprived ramblings-

Have a great day all!

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Back from our 4 day vacation to St Louis. It was a blast but crazy busy. Packed with City Museum, St Louis Zoo, Incredible Pizza Company, Sky Zone Trampoline Park, swimming and more. I wasn’t able to meet up with Terri HarpLady which was sad. I was hoping we would have time for tea but with the 4 kids all wanting to do different things, it wasn’t in the cards this trip. Hopefully Jason and I can make another trip down and see her play at one of her gigs. I didn’t really even drink tea while we were gone.

This delightful herbal I drank the night before we left. I was excited to try this one. With a name like Purple Snozberry, my inner geek was just giddy. Brewed up this purple beverage made my taste buds happy. Never having butterfly pea flower tea, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sweet and vegetal all at the same time. The sweet was more like a candied flavor. There were notes of strawberry. The flavors really worked well together.

The tea bag even had this amazing shrinky dink/tea charm that I’m thinking I need to turn into a pair of earrings.

For more pics and more about the tea-


love this!

Roswell Strange

These snozberries taste like snozberries!

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