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drank Jasmine Tea by Royal King
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It’s a tea that I see being served a lot at Viet restaurants, and I quite like it for what it does. It helps to digest food and, but also to relax and prepare for a meal. While it may not be as good as some other jasmine teas out there, this one certainly has a more practical use, and I quite enjoy drinking it.

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drank Green Tea by Royal King
17 tasting notes

I really love this tea…mainly because i mix it well with fruit such as pineapple, oranges, lemon, lime, and strawberry to get all the flavor and vitamins that i need in this tea.. I always drink it cold and sometimes hot in the fall season.

Flavors: Apple, Lemon, Lime, Pineapple, Strawberry

Iced 8 min or more 20 g 5 OZ / 147 ML

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drank China White Tea by Royal King
630 tasting notes

I had a cup of coffee this morning, and then this, and now I’m jittery. I only get jittery if I have a cup of caffeinated tea after a cup of coffee, so I don’t for one second believe that this is caffeine-free, despite what the box says.

A Chinese coworker gave my boyfriend this tea, and he gave me a few bags to try.

He loves white tea, but it’s not usually my favorite. But this one is pretty good! Very smooth, very drinkable and surprisingly flavorful. I can’t really describe the taste, other than as a nondescript, vegetable note, but it’s definitely there and definitely palatable.

Not bad, although it’s probably the Lipton of Chinese white tea.

Flavors: Vegetables


Haha yeah white tea definitely has caffeine despite what some claim.

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This is the first ginger tea I have tried and I must say I love it. With no added sugars, there is room for the flavor of pure ginger – although I didn’t find it too strong. What got me was the spiciness at the end of every sip, which I’m addicted to. For an easy, no-fuss herbal tea with a spicy twist, this is a good option.

Flavors: Ginger


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This is another sample from a friend that picked it up at the Asian market. He said a lady shopping in the same aisle recommended it.

It smells kind of exactly like I expected. Like tree bark. Wood chips, or paper, sort of. Or cardboard. The instructions said to give it five to ten minutes, so I went with 7:30 since that was in the middle. I’ve never had a tree bark tea before, so I at least have a new experience to look forward to. As I read up on it, I see that it’s also apparently good for your blood pressure? At least that’s what some companies are claiming. Also, Yogi uses it in one of their teas. Hmm.

The brew comes up to a brownish gold one would expect from a milder black tea. It still smells like wood, but it’s not as harsh in the steeped tea. The flavor is surprisingly not unpleasant, just new and a little strange. It almost tastes like black tea. It’s hard to describe. I guess this sort of tastes like tree bark.. it’s mild and kind of reminds me of the smell of wet paper towels and printer paper. Or a book. You know, that’s sort of what this tea tastes like – drinking a book.

Flavors: Wood

Boiling 7 min, 30 sec

Oh man, that tea sounds delicious for a Chinese Herbal Medicinal tea…usually those taste so nasty.


That’s what I hear! I’m a little afraid to explore that genre of tea for that reason.


Are we to say that bark taste is unlike twig taste in tea since Hojicha tea is twig tea and is very nice with a smoky aroma. I equate such teas with those who enjoys a good smoke. Mind you I have never smoke. I like roasted and almond like teas; yet I prefer green tea.
Don’t hate me

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drank Jasmine Tea by Royal King
283 tasting notes

One of my friends who knows of my love for tea brought me a large tin (8 oz!!) of this back from her trip to New York. The secret to this rather generic jasmine green is to use water around the 165 degree range and to steep for no longer than 2 minutes. The directions on the tin to use boiling water and to steep for 5 minutes produces a horribly bitter cup of tea! It took some experimentation to find the magic steeping parameters, but carefully steeping this produces a pleasant cup. I found it mild and good enough for everyday drinking.

165 °F / 73 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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A review of Effective Dietary Green Tea by Royal King

Company: Royal King
Tea Name: Effective Dietary Green Tea
Tea Type/Varietal: green
Region: China
Steeping Vessel/Amt Leaf: cup / tea bag
Liquor Color: golden brown, darker with longer steep
Leaf Characteristic:


1st Steeping:
Water Temp: 200
Time: 5 minutes
I am having this new dietary tea as part of my night time ritual since I cannot seem to get rid of the pounds. Try as I may, the pounds stay on. I did as instructed on the side of the tea box; to steep on tea bag in a cup of boiled water for five minutes.

Tea is dark reddish brown with an herbal like aroma and when tasting of the tea it is mildly sweet. When ever I drink this type of tea; I am reminded of a malted type brew but only it is tea and more like herbal tea.

I continue to enjoy this tea hotly as it is helping me to relax.

Overall tasting notes: This tea is a wonderful herbal mixture of such fine herbs as Senna herb, Chinese mallow, and green tea…with no astringent.

Classification: Year, and region of production: 2004, Product of China

Cup’s characteristic:

Liquor color: dark amber

Taste: natural sweet

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Just so you’re aware senna is a laxative so be careful

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This tea tastes so good! It is very sweet and it helps when I’m suffering with monthly female issues. My friends love this tea and inquire where to buy.

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drank Sow Mee by Royal King
2 tasting notes

I have this identical cannister but by Dragon Tea. I love to sip on this before bedtime. it is smooth sweet and floraly. I will also brew mix this with small amounts of flavored teas that i’ve grown tired of. I get this very reasonably priced in an Asian market I frequent

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drank Jasmine Tea by Royal King
42 tasting notes

One of the more basic generic jasmine teas out there — inexpensive, frequently served in Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. Very strong (almost overpowering) jasmine flavour, perhaps to cover the relative weakness of the tea, but subtlety is not really something to be concerned about for a tea of this nature. Perfectly acceptable for day-to-day drinking (especially in the bagged form in situations where looseleaf isn’t a viable option), as long as it isn’t steeped to the point of bitterness.


Like the tea but was concerned about pesticide levels. Any idea if it’s safe to drink everyday?

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drank Cinnamon by Royal King
177 tasting notes

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drank Green Tea by Royal King
1 tasting notes

And typing in all caps is very annoying.
So please stop it. :)

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