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A review of Small Pleasures Maple Tea by Epicurean Food International, Inc.

Company: Epicurean Food International, Inc.
Tea Name: Small Pleasures Maple Tea
Tea Type/Varietal: black
Region: Canada
Steeping Vessel/Amt Leaf: cup/ tea bag
Liquor Color: maple syrup
Leaf Characteristic:


1st Steeping:
Water Temp: 200
Time: 5 minutes
I had given this tea to my mother-in-law and today I decided to give it a try as I had been enjoying the Maple Blueberry Tea that I had purchased around the same time as this tea. I took one tea bag and put this in my tea mug and adding the freshly boiled water to my cup, I leave it to steep for five minutes.

The tea’s aroma is so lovely, that smell of raw maple, sugary even and the color is dark maple syrup. It is like cane sugar with malt added in. When I sip of the tea it is smooth and very sweet, the more I sip of tea the more I can enjoy the maple-malt like taste that is in this cup of tea.

2nd Steeping:
Water Temp: 200
Time: 3 minutes
This next steep is shorter with the water as hot as before. I must say the maple flavour is well maintained in this cup as well. It is sweetly maple; as if just taken from the tree.

What I am enjoying in this cup is the robustness and more of the malt-roasted. It is smoother as well and most enjoyable and there is a slight astringent that I did not notice when first having this tea.

Overall tasting notes: Maple syrup flavoring with mild astringent. That dryness at the back of throat derives from the bitterness of the black tea. It is just fine as is since it is sweet enough. Those favoring sugar, milk or cream would enjoy this tea a great deal.

Classification: Year, and region of production; Product of Canada

Cup’s characteristic: rich and robust cup of tea

Liquor color: maple syrup

Taste: dry malt taste and very sweet with the maple flavoring

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

This sounds lovely!! Now I’m curious as to what your MIL thought :)

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