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drank Spicy Chocolate Truffle by TeaQuent Stop
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thank you kittyloves tea for a sample of this. sadly i’m gonig to hold off rating it as i think it was contaminated by either teas in the house or by it’s travels. I pretty much took a sip of this and held it in my mouth until i could get near the sink. It tasted like a mouthful of perfume..which this tea is CLEARLY NOT. so i’m fairly certain i can chalk this up to contamination. Ah well! another time! i still appreciate the share :)

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Thank you to Jillian for this sample.

Smell: Dark chocolate
Colour: Dark Brown

If I hadn’t known that this was a tea by the look and smell alone I would never have guessed. It’s more like a mug of instant cocoa at this point but looks a little watery.

Taste wise this is darkly chocolatey with a gentle peppery spiciness and warmth. It’s very gentle tasting but still remains tasty and oh so yummy. This is not powdery or musty as some other chocolate tea’s can be (some of you will know exactly what I mean) and at the same time there is no bitterness or over sweetness to compensate.

Overall I think this is one of my favourite chocolate tea’s that I have tried so far. To add to the list there is also a smokiness that kicks after half a cup.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Additional Comment: This steeps perfectly the second time around too _


Glad you liked :)

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Thank you for sharing this tea with me Jillian !

This ws very nice and fruity! Reminded me a lot of DTs long Life Oolong actually – the oolong base is quite prominent, with tropical peachy tones. I’m not getting a lot of mango flavour specifically, but it is still a nice refreshing fruity dark oolong.

The blossoms are gorgeous while the tea steeps – very soothing!

Glad I got to try this one :)

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Oh man I love this tea. It’s rich and decadent without all the extra calories one would normally get from something this chocolatey. And man is it chocolately – like a sumptuous dark chocolate truffle with that hint of liqueur. The peppercorns are more of a background note giving the tea just a little touch of heat and spice. It’s simply delicious.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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drank Mango Tango Oolong by TeaQuent Stop
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My boyfriend got this tea for me while he was on a trip in the States – he knows how much I love mangos. It’s an interesting-looking tea – a mix of dark and green oolongs mixed with what looks like white rose petals and mini crysanthemum flower heads. The blossoms give the tea a bit of a floral flavour that makes an interesting combination with the baked and fruity notes of the dark oolong in the blend. The mango flavour isn’t really all that mango-y unfortunately – it’s sort of a generic tropical fruit flavour that probably comes from an artifical source of some sort.

Altogether, it’s interesting but not rave-worthy, I suppose. Though it does make a nice enough low-caffeine tea for sipping in the evening while I study.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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