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I’m travelling in a few days so I don’t really want to do any grocery shopping before that, so this was something I tacked onto a lunch order I made earlier today. It’s so sugary and sweet, but since my brain has already hard locked into “MAKE AS FEW DISHES AS POSSIBLE” mode in advance of my trip I just thought the quick service element of it was too good to pass up.

Plus, I love pandan so so so so so much.

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…what can I say!?

The Thai Express is really close to my apartment building and I hate cooking, so it didn’t take a lot of arm twisting to convince me to pick up some fried rice and iced tea after one of the days I stayed late at the office this week. It’s really good iced tea…

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Tuesday evening was bad.

I left my office just after 5PM and walked down to the metro – this was probably the hottest day that it’s been in Montreal so far this year and while I was dressed pretty appropriately for the weather I was also hauling my laptop and a bunch of teaware in my backpack. Plus, I’ve still not gotten used to the “wet heat” here in Montreal that feels so much more different and unpleasant compared to the dry heat of the prairies.

When I got to the metro I learned that due to an incident at the stop just ahead in the line that service had been paused and would not be resumed until 6PM – I live verrryyyy far away from the metro stop I get on and had not brought a debit/credit card with me to the office that day so walking or taking a cab was not an option, and I don’t know the bus system at all so I didn’t feel confident trying to catch a bus. So I waited, and the station slowly became like a pack of sardines as people funneled in. Then 6PM rolls around and the announce the delay has been extended to 6:30PM… then 6:45PM… and finally 7PM…

Eventually I finally boarded at about 7:05PM, which meant I got home at around 8PM. I was sore, overheated and sweaty, and pissed at having lost so much of my evening. The last thing I wanted to do was cook, so I ordered in Thai Express. I noticed they had a new pandan iced tea, so I tossed that into my order too. It’s very sweet, very creamy – probably too much sugar for me under normal circumstances. However the flavour of the pandan was strong and cozy – like a big hug after a fucked up evening. The fact it was iced!? Heaven! I pretty much chugged this, and I loved it so much in that moment.

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