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Sipdown (490)!

Another ‘mystery’ teabag that I got from M Mack – I say mystery because the only thing in English is the name…

I liked this one better than the Mango tea though! I’m pretty sure it was also a green tea base, but it seemed a lot more subtle to me and the buttery qualities worked pretty well with the idea of a sweet creamy, caramel. It mostly reminded me of those little square caramels you got at the convenience store as a kid or that you sometimes see around Halloween. Not the most high quality of caramels, but still delicious!

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Sipdown (465)!

Very, very happy to see that Steepster is back up and running!

M Mack very kindly sent along a few extra samples with the teas I purchased from her and this was one of them. I don’t know much about it though because the bulk of the packaging wasn’t in English except for the name.

I was hopeful that I’d like it – but brewed up I’m pretty sure that this was a green tea, and not the most pleasant one. It had a strong buttery grass sort of overarching flavour that I wasn’t feeling and the mango was really artificial tasted. Also buttered mango shouldn’t be a thing. Happy to have tried it though, and still keeping my hopes up for the other sample sent along to me!

Also, always happy to try something new in general.


Ditto on Steepster being back up. I was sort of nervous all day. Who knew logging teas had become such an important part of my day?

Evol Ving Ness

YES! I was feeling more than a little stressed as a result of its absence.


All of us were worried.


I wondered whether it had actually gone. You know, for good. Glad it’s back!

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