2238 Tasting Notes


Finished this sample off at work over the last couple of days. I love elderflower, and I feel like it could really be stronger if it’s to live up to its name. Also the “prosecco” is a bit misleading as they’re really saying that oolong is the “prosecco” (used to be champagne…) of teas, rather than that this blend actually tastes of prosecco. Which it doesn’t. It tastes of oolong, as you might expect, and it’s kinda grassy and herbaceous. It works well with the elderflower, but yeah…

As much as I like elderflower, I probably won’t revisit this one for a while.

Ilse Wouters

I think it must be very fashionable to make blends in UK nowadays and name them “something champagne” or “something prosecco”, as I have tasted one myself, and thought that one was really a very soft green-white tea blend with a peach addition. It worked well indeed, but when I drink champagne, I want it to be complex on its own, not just the ordinary glass of bubbly that only seems to “not overwhelm” anything you eat with it.

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From this year’s B&B valentine’s sampler. It’s like their Birthday Cake blend, but sooooo much better. Creamier, richer, sweeter, cake-ier. It’s a rooibos, too, and I did wonder whether that would be overpowering. It isn’t; it actually works really well (and it’s rare I say that about a rooibos…)

I made today’s cup as a latte using 3tsp of leaf in 150ml water and adding 250ml hot milk, 1tsp agave and 1/2tsp vanilla essence. It’s liquid cake amazingness, and totally lives up to its name. I’m going to need more of this one…

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drank Melbourne Breakfast by T2
2238 tasting notes

I thought I’d finished all of this at work yesterday, but then this morning I found another box lurking at the back of my cupboard. It’s fine, though. I really quite like it.

There’s lots of vanilla here, and it’s deliciously creamy and sweet, and really all of the things I’d want in a vanilla tea. It’s not entirely natural, I know, but I’m in a forgiving mood and it tastes good. That’s really all I need right now.


ooo… an actual good vanilla tea?!

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Finished up the last of my most recent sample at work this morning, and admittedly this has grown on me over time. Either that, or it’s changed a bit since this sample and the one I tried last. Maybe both. There’s lots of peppermint, but it’s softened by the deep creaminess of the milk Oolong and it really does taste like it’s namesake. The chocolate is better than I remember, too.

I might actually buy more of this one.

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Finally finished the Whittard advent; at least it’s only February!

This was day 23. I don’t drink a lot of marrakech mint and I’m not sure why. I actually quite like it, although I suppose green tea in general just isn’t my go-to. That would be black, because I need caffeine as much as I need oxygen. Possibly more.

Anyway, this one’s pretty good. Not too dank, sweetly minty. I’d definitely drink it again, although it’s not amazing, you know? The cornflower petals are pretty, though. I’ll give it that.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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Maybe today I’ll finally finish up the Whittard advent? I did pretty well to keep up in December, given that I only have two left, but I’ve definitely been snoozing on them. Time to change that!

This one’s day 20; a straight-up White Peony. Nothing particularly remarkable – it’s sweet and lightly creamy with those sugar water vibes that white tea has generally. Eminently drinkable, but not distinctive.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 45 sec

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I’ve been back on the pink lattes again this week, and I still adore them. They really do taste like red velvet cake, and it definitely cheers up my working day. I’ve switched from honey to agave nectar for this run, but other than that I make them as I always did. And they’re pink…I mean, how can you not love that?!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec
Martin Bednář

I was thinking about order with this one. I never had Red Velvet cake, but… it sounds nice!

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I’ve been finishing up this sample at work, and…it’s a bit weird, isn’t it? I mean, there’s a lot of butterfly pea flower, and the label says it should brew up blue, but mine is dark purple/red and always has been. It tastes like a mixed berry fruit tea, hibi in the main, but with a creamier aftertaste that I do quite like…

I don’t know. Apparently I liked this the first time I tried it because I gave it 75, but now I’m wondering what I was thinking? Maybe (probably) it’s just got old…

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec
Martin Bednář

Then you are using probably too acidic water. I think when it is acidic it should be purple/red. But I am not sure. Trying another water should explain this phenomena.

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Day 24 of the Whittard advent (and yes, I am very late with this one!)

It’s partly because I’ve been putting it off, since it’s a black/green/oolong blend, with rose to boot. Rose tea isn’t generally my favourite, and honestly, brewing something well that’s got all those things to contend with was beyond me before Christmas. Now, of course, I’m absolutely up to the challenge! Maybe, anyway.

I was totally scientific and let the water cool a bit while I wandered around and did some other things. Turns out, it’s actually pretty nice when all’s said and done. Quite sweet, but with an underlying earthy woodiness and just a hint of floral. Nothing overpowering, thankfully. I’d compare it to walking through a forest on a slightly damp but sunny day, I suppose. Fresh, like.

It’s probably not one I’d actively seek out just because I think it’s a weird combination of things in general and it strikes me as fussy. I like my life as straightforward as I can get it, and that usually includes tea. I’m glad to have tried it, though. It’s drinkability surprised me!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Another I’ve apparently tried before…like, when?

It’s back to day 15 of the Whittard advent, because I could finally be bothered to pay attention enough to make a green tea well. The ingredients actually consist of pineapple and mango, but I can actually taste passionfruit which is a bit of a surprise…

It’s fruity and juicy, although I’d have liked more mango just for a peppery edge. As it’s predominantly passionfruit, it’s quite sweet with little to temper it. It’s also maybe a touch too floral for my tastes…

I’m thinking I’d probably prefer this one iced or cold-brewed.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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Hi :) I’m Sarah, and I live in Norfolk in the UK. My tea obsession began when a friend introduced me to Teapigs a good few years ago now. Since then, I’ve been insatiable. Steepster introduced me to a world of tea I never knew existed, and my goal is now to TRY ALL THE TEAS. Or most of them, anyway.

I still have a deep rooted (and probably life-long) preference for black tea. My all-time favourite is Assam, but Ceylon and Darjeeling also occupy a place in my heart. Flavoured black tea can be a beautiful thing, and I like a good chai latte in the winter.

I also drink a lot of rooibos/honeybush tea, particularly on an evening. Sometimes they’re the best dessert replacements, too. White teas are a staple in summer — their lightness and delicate nature is something I can always appreciate on a hot day.

I’m still warming up to green teas and oolongs. I don’t think they’ll ever be my favourites, with a few rare exceptions, but I don’t hate them anymore. My experience of these teas is still very much a work-in-progress. I’m also beginning to explore pu’erh, both ripened and raw. That’s my latest challenge!

I’m still searching for the perfect fruit tea. One without hibiscus. That actually tastes of fruit.

You’ve probably had enough of me now, so I’m going to shut up. Needless to say, though, I really love tea. Long may the journey continue!

My rating system:

91-100: The Holy Grail. Flawless teas I will never forget.

81-90: Outstanding. Pretty much perfection, and happiness in a cup.

71-80: Amazing. A tea to savour, and one I’ll keep coming back to.

61-70: Very good. The majority of things are as they should be. A pleasing cup.

51-60: Good. Not outstanding, but has merit.

41-50: Average. It’s not horrible, but I’ve definitely had better. There’s probably still something about it I’m not keen on.

31-40: Almost enjoyable, but something about it is not for me.

11-30: Pretty bad. It probably makes me screw my face up when I take a sip, but it’s not completely undrinkable.

0-10: Ugh. No. Never again. To me, undrinkable.


Norfolk, UK

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