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drank Irish Cream by Vazar
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I had this straight up. Not bad for a bagged type. I bought the entire box for $1!!!
Honestly, that kinda scares me… But it looks to be a sister brand to Basilur the fact that it is a known brand might mean it is legit. and yanno, not full of cancer. ha.
Cuz it actually really does taste like Irish Cream. At that price I was expecting maybe a bit of generic “dessert” tea notes. But there is something very reminiscent of Irish cream. I mean, it actually tastes like there is dairy in it. Ingredients only list “flavouring” and Ceylon tea.
I can definitely taste the Ceylon base. My coworker tried as well and agreed it is very much Irish Cream. I wouldn’t say its a great tea, it is a bit dusty. For that price tho? I’m ok with using my too cold office water on it!! :P
Need a bigger mug as well, it steeps up a bit thick in my small one at work.
Oh and it packs some nice caffeine. Which is required!

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