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First, let me ramble at how excited I am to find the WABI brand in a store besides Tea Emporium!! I had resigned myself to consuming a latte, but then I saw the tin and my craving did a 180. I was a tad disheartened that I can consume only 3 out of the 5 types they carry… but hey, looseleaf is making it mainstream baby! :)
Anyhow, the tea…
At first I thought it was me, since the shop girl said she can’t stand EB and usually has to add mountains of sugar/milk- only not with this one. I was expecting a malty, complex beverage that would bid me pause while xmas shopping.
Not the case. Blech!… and then I remembered that EB has never impressed me. Low on the malt and just plain boring! So I added quite a bit of 2% (my standard) and yet it still tasted weak so I went for some 3%. Barely tolerable.
With some honey swirls, it was better. Ah well. I figured it would improve as the cup steeped. and it did, moderately. Weak, but better.
I thought to myself… I’ll take the bag out when it tastes just right. Sadly, that never happened. I ended up throwing the cup out with the bio-bag still in it :(
The profile was just so flat! a bit bolder than the average EB mind you. However, it was not malty at all(ok maybe a smidge), which is my main beef with these blends.
Would I buy it again? I’m not sure. It was expensive at $3.00 for the bag and I enjoyed it about as much as I do a Tim Horton’s cuppa… which is about half that in price. If there was no alternative available, I would certainly consider it.
Well, I’m glad to have tried it anyhow. I’d been eying the tins at the shop for awhile now and this is the one I would have splurged on first!

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