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Today I want to be a pirate.

I’d like to buckle the swash of everything that has crossed me for two unrelenting weeks, be it Amazon, insurance agents that don’t answer emails, car repair places that don’t call to tell you they will be three days completing a two hour maintenance job, refrigerator dealers that inform you that the “in stock” model you ordered can’t be delivered until mid-July, and the weather. (I promise, a real product commentary is coming.)

So I’ve got “Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End” cranked obnoxiously loud, and I’m swigging an amber-colored mason jar of what will have to pass for grog—my “Junkyard Tea,” all the scraps of unflavored black tea I’ve amassed for iced tea season. It’s infusing in this cheap ($1.50) but useful plastic lid we picked up at Walmart.

The infuser basket is about 3 inches long, and screws directly into the plastic lid. At first, I was afraid the holes would be too large for tea leaves, but it doesn’t allow too much scree into the water. The lid has a straw hole; it’s a little large for a standard size straw, so you’ll need a bendy one or you’ll lose it in the jar. But for a buck and a half, it’s a decent summertime investment.

As to the light and momentary inconveniences swamping my ship, I know they are indeed light and momentary. Time to readjust my sails, eh, matey?


I loved reading this tonight – especially the first line! Hope this weekend is the break you need and you are back to sailing straight soon! :)


You’re kind for reading all that blather. All will be well.


Tea is a wonderful dissuasion to making others walk the plank! :D


UGH! Dreadful! Prayers coming your way!

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