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Please don’t dismiss me for being someone who likes quality tea because of this, but this stuff is so good. Any woman/man could have put the lemon between his/her toes and let me observe and if it still tasted like it taste, I would not have a problem with it.
This is sweet, it has blueberry and pineapple flavor all over … and I don’t care about the sugar content :p


A little guilty tea pleasure doesn’t hurt :)

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drank Wendy's Sweet Tea by Wendy's
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OK, something so bad, I had to create an entry that I otherwise wouldn’t have bothered with. I had a sweet “tea” from Wendy’s yesterday. OMG! There was nothing “tea” about it…open a sugar packet and suck on it! Seriously, I couldn’t identify any tea flavor, artificial or otherwise. I ended up brewing some other tea when I got back to the office and used Wendy’s as sweenter! If I could put multiple thumbs down on this stuff, I would.

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