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Cold Brew!

Hmm – this is a drinkable cold brew but it’s much less pleasant than the hot cup. The delicious and very unique sweet clementine note is still present but there’s a substantial amount more of grassy/marine sencha coming through and it’s ruining the brew for me. Now, I know that I shouldn’t be surprised that a tea named Sencha Clementine tastes like sencha… I just wish it tasted less like sencha.

Back to drinking this one hot going forward.

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Y’know, I debated pretty heavily if I wanted to order this tea or not.

I historically do not like green teas – especially sencha – and I wasn’t overly impressed with the first two flavours from Zadiko either. However, ultimately my curiosity got the better of me. I’m really glad it did too because I honestly found this tea really delightful! The sencha is light and fresh with just a hint of grassiness but the real star is 100% the orange flavour! I’m not sure if I’ve ever tasted a “clementine” flavour that has tasted more accurately like clementine before. It’s the perfect combo of lightness, tartness, sweetness, juiciness…

Like, all the boxes are checked in just the right way.

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From Monday…

This tea is overpriced for what it is, but if you want more rant/exposition on that you can check out my review on the Zach’s Breakfast tea from the same company. Ignoring the mark up, I think it’s a fine but relatively boring tea.

Like, for the ingredient composition nothing is off tasting – it’s very mint forward, with chamomile and earthy turmeric undertones and a bit of a lingering/cloying throat sweetness. It’s deeply not a flavour profile that appeals to me, but it’s super “classic feeling” as an evening/sleep type of tea blend and for that reason I think it probably has mass appeal even though it’s not reinventing the wheel at all.

Overall… it’s fine.

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This cup wasn’t bad but the turmeric was definitely a little muddied to me and the ginger far too earthy without enough liveliness/zest to it. For my own palate, anyway. Still don’t love this blend but I do appreciate that it’s really nicely balanced for anyone who does want that full bodied black tea with these earthier spices without slipping completely into Chai territory.

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Z is for… Zach’s Breakfast!

This was a whole lot of earthy and spicy turmeric and ginger, but the really rich and robust black tea did make it better/help balance those spices… slightly. I really should have added a splash or milk or tried this with some honey though; I think that would be way more complimentary just for my own tastes.

Feeling super accomplished with myself right now though because not only did I finish the alphabet challenge but I also logged ALL the tasting notes before the end of the month! Woo!

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Couldn’t resist buying the two teas from Zadiko Tea Co/Zach from Try Guys notoriety – even though neither of the flavours actually sounded particularly like something I would enjoy. It’s one of those SUPER RARE times that a Youtuber that I like actually has merchandise that falls into my category of interest, so I felt like I had to support…

I will say, even for Youtuber Merch standards, this was very expensive tea. When you compare it to anything else in the commercial market with a similar profile, of which there are MANY teas because neither of these two flavours are particularly unique at all, it’s crazy over priced. I know they’re Organic & part of the shipping cost is clearly built into the pricing but even still it’s high. More “experienced” (for lack of a better word) tea drinkers will know that, but the more “casual” (again, for lack of a better word) fans of The Try Guys who aren’t familiar with LLT or know there’s comparable tea already on the market probably wont fully understand how much this is marked up – and in a way that’s saying something because the mark up on tea in general is already pretty ridiculous…

Anyway, all of that aside, the tea is pretty good if you’re a fan of the spices in the blend. I am not. It’s just a really intense, spicy ginger with a hearty punch of earthy turmeric. I do not like ginger, but if I did I think I’d feel pretty satisfied with the level of intensity and how naturally “zesty” the ginger is. I think it fits appropriately in the “breakfast tea” category because is has the boldness that most breakfast teas do, which is sort of good for shocking you awake with flavour. It would also probably take nicely to milk.

My main thing, aside from the overpricing and the fact that it’s just not a flavour profile that speaks to me personally, is that the one thing in the blend I actually thought would appeal to me (the sarsaparilla) wasn’t noticeable at all. I really wish I’d actually been able to pick up on that flavour, it would have been such a nice offset to all of the spices!

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