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I recently tried, and loved, a bag of Adagio Tea Organic Citrus Green Tea. I’m a tea fanatic and I have a special place in my heart for green tea. When I see a new tea or tea blend I haven’t tried, I throw it in the cart. If it happens to be green tea, I do a little happy dance THEN throw it into the cart.

The most recent happy dance (and believe me, it’s something to behold) was spurred by the beautiful bag of tea bags you see at the top of the post. I love it when a tea company takes such pride in their tea that they package it as beautifully as Adagio does their teas. Everything is always first class – the packaging, the tea bags, the flavor. You name it, if it has Adagio on the front, you’re in for a first class experience.

As is the case most of the time, I saved my first cup of tea for the evening. This is my favorite time to try a new tea. After supper’s been made and eaten and order in the kitchen has been restored. Then it’s just me, my cat, and (hopefully) a very special cup of tea. Adagio Tea Organic Citrus Green Tea did not disappoint. I knew, from the aroma alone, that I was in for a special evening. As I walked, cup in hand, to the sofa, you could practically see a beautifully aromatic trail following me through the air. If there’s a better smell than citrus, I haven’t found it.

This tea is absolutely Heavenly and would be a great fit for anyone unsure about green tea. I tried my first cup without honey and it outstanding. I added just a bit of honey to my next cup and found it to be EVEN better. Yes, I’m one of those green tea drinkers…. hooked on honey! I’ve also made this tea with a little honey AND a floating slice of lemon /or orange. The orange slice and honey combination is otherworldly.

Adagio Tea Organic Citrus Green Tea also passed the iced green tea test. It as wonderful iced as it is hot. Trust me, you have to try this tea! If your grocery store is on its game (really, really on its game), you can find some Adagio teas in the tea aisle. If they’re a little off their game, Amazon will come through for you like a champ.

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