Azure Luna said

caffeine in tea vs. steeping time ...what do u thinkabout this?

OK, since I found out I am pregnant i have been researching online all the different levels of caffeine I came across a few things.
What have you come across in your findings?

so does this mean i can have my green Jasmin tea if bagged?

I am using the white loose leaf peony tea so am i not suppose to because it has more of a caffeine level that way?

I’m a little confused by all this new information about caffeine can anyone help me out

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Cofftea said

1st, I would talk to your Dr. I would personally suggest eliminating caffeine completely, but if your doctor oks then that’s your choice. I have never heard that bagged tea has less caffeine than loose tea. That just sounds crazy to me. The only way I can rationalize that is if it’s because some bagged teas have a very low weight. But also remember that unless it’s a whole leaf sachet, the leaves are broken smaller than loose leaf so therefor more caffeine is released. And if you get a whole leaf sachet, you might as well go w/ regular leaf. Water temp is also a factor. Check out the line graph here:

As for Jasmine tea, you can buy just jasmine flowers. I suggest buying some then blending them w/ a decaf tea. I know jasmine flowers have an entry here, but I can’t find it. Send a PM to TeaEqualsBliss and ask the brand name, I know she’s tried them.

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Azure Luna said

oh wow that’s wonderful thanks that’s what i was drinking before was the green jasmin tea and i so miss it :S

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