ellebee said

Searching for a sour-ish, tangy vanilla tea. Suggestions?

Hi! I had a loose tea I purchased in Germany in the late 1990s and I would love to find something similar. It was a vanilla tea, but it also had a sour tang to it. It was both relaxing and mouth-watering at the same time, such a lovely combination. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for a sour, tangy, but lightly vanilla flavored tea? Thanks in advance!

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Lion select said

Hi Ellebee,

It isn’t true tea, rooibos rather, but I had this one and it is definitely what I would call both vanilla and sour/tangy.

I didn’t rate it highly because I didn’t like that, but there are plenty of others on Steepster who did like it. Check out my review here and the others from fellow Steepsters.

It’s just an idea! I hope you find what you’re looking for.


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Everune said

This isn’t quite it, but the way you describe that makes me think of cheap thai tea with lime in it.

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ellebee said

Thank you for the replies! I have ordered a few different teas and am waiting for them to come in. In the meantime, I’ve tried the first, and it is almost exactly what I was looking for. It is from Serenity Tea Sips and the flavor is called Cherry Tart. It contains apple, hibiscus, rose hips, elderberries, beetroot, rose petals, blackberry leaves, sour cherry, vanilla, and flavoring. If it had just a touch more vanilla flavor, it would be perfect! (I am still waiting on some monk’s tea, as well as some rooibos.) Thanks again for your suggestions!

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