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$10 FREE at Adagio Teas and More!

HEY Guys! Adagio Teas is running a GREAT Promotion!
All you do is make a Pinterest Board titled “I Love Adagio Teas” then pin your favorite 10 products from their website. Then email them at [email protected] with a link to your board for a FREE $10 Gift Certificate! < The Promotion info!

New to Adagio and you want $15 free instead?
If Any of you haven’t ordered from Adagio before and want an even better deal, Here is a gift card for $5* : 8735094313
So you can order $5 worth of samples, then use your $10 cert to buy a pouch of your favorite! (Can’t combine offers, so this is the best way to make the most of it!)

*(It’s good for 24 hours only. If you are seeing this after 1 am CST on 1/21, Message me for another gift code if you still want it! Each code only works for 24 hours, but I can make a new one any time! FD: I get reward points for referring you.)

I hope you guys enjoy this! I already made a board and emailed them. I hope I win the $100 prize! I’d get restocked on all my favorites!!

(If you want any suggestions for GREAT teas to try, check my top 10 products on my promo board: )

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And sent! That was a chore on my kindle. Ughhh

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alas i cannot order any tea for a while but when the time comes can you make me a newbie code?

There are a lot of us that would be very happy to do that, Arshness gets first dibs of course ;)

oh, i thought she owned the company lol. my bad :)

Arshness said

Any time of course. :) If you want, you can email me arsieiuni at gmail so I am sure to see it. I check that more often than Steepster.

And nope! I wish I owned Adagio! They’re still my favorite tea company hehe ^^ I just posted the promo because I saw no one else had!

i’ll keep this in mind when i can order more tea :)

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EmilyGee said

I won the 100$ !! Thank you for sharing Arshness!! I’ve never won anything before in my life!!


Arshness said


OMara said


we have a winner! Congrats

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