teajenny said

Best Tea Supplier in London?

Where is the best place to buy tea in London? I love bellocq in NYC, is there a place that can match it here? I think bellocq has some stock in harrods but i’m usually drawn to their limited pure green teas. Any ideas welcome!
-tea jenny

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There’s a place called East India Company just off Oxford Street – if you can hack the imperial connotations of the name (I couldn’t quite do it, so I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything), but their teas were very high quality and they had a great range of whites, greens, oolongs, blacks and puerhs, alongside some nice blends/flavoured variants. I’d deffo give them a try! It’s a great store, too – you can go in and smell dry leaves for all/most teas and you can try samples of lots of them! :-)

There’s also Postcard Teas – more expensive, but very high quality.

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Postcard Teas has a nice range of single-origin teas from small farms, as well as some blends and flavored teas, and they do tastings. http://www.postcardteas.com/

Fortnum & Mason has quite a large selection of blends & flavors, along with more speciality teas in caddies that you buy by weight. Some are quite expensive, and, in my opinion, some aren’t worth the price. But it’s fun to poke around in there. http://www.fortnumandmason.com

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Excelsior said

Mariage Freres always has a large selection of high quality teas.
400 Oxford Street

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Hi, I’m not sure about the stores here, however I recently discovered this online tea store, they have a wide range of teas to choose from. It’s Ceylon tea, check their store http://www.zestaceylontea.com/tea-types they offer free shipping as well.

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Postcard Teas.

I’ve not found anywhere in London with better teas

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