Adagio Glass Storage Jars

So while considering an Adagio order, I saw that they now have smaller glass jar storage containers available. I really liked the larger ones when I saw them in the stores (though the glass seemed a bit fragile), and these only hold a few oz of tea instead of the larger size’s 8oz.
And supposedly the glass blocks UV so you can leave it on your counter with no worries, but I still wonder. >>; The ones at their actual store seemed pretty airtight with that ‘woosh’ sound every time I would open a jar. Some were weaker than others, but that’s not surprising considering these jars are on display for anyone to open and close.

So I was thinking of picking one or two up (because airtight + seeing the pretty teas = awesome) but I wanted to see if anyone here had gotten either size and what they thought of it?

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