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I received an email from Two Leaves & A Bud and wanted to pass it along for those who may be interested…

Two leaves and a bud’s upcoming “Facebook CEO Tea Forums” will be featured on the two leaves and a bud Facebook page (www.facebook.com/twoleavesandabud) this coming Thursday, October 21st. From 9 AM – 11 AM MST, two leaves and a bud CEO and Founder Richard Rosenfeld will be live on two leaves’ Facebook page, answering all tea related questions that tea drinkers have been wondering about. Wondering what it’s like to visit tea gardens around the world? What food is best paired with a black breakfast tea? What are the next teas two leaves and a bud teas the company plans to bring to market? All types of questions from tea enthusiasts are welcomed on the Facebook page.

Richard Rosenfeld founded two leaves and a bud in 2006—for years, he has been traveling to tea gardens around the world to experience tea in its natural setting and learn about this incredibly interesting drink. He has worked closely with professional tea tasters and tastes hundreds of cups per year to hone and refine his palate. His depth of knowledge is vast, and two leaves and a bud is hoping that tea enthusiasts take advantage of his attention to have all of their tea-related questions answered. The company has seen that there is an incredible thirst for tea knowledge out there, but very few ways for people to learn everything they’d like.

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