6 Days to go & We Added MORE REBLENDS and NEW ADD-ONS!

Hello Everyone:

I just wanted to offer a quick update on what’s going on with my Kickstarter Campaign!

We held a vote in the comment section of the campaign, and here are the top vote-getters (and the five teas that will be reblended in September/available in October):

Cinnamon Roll Honeybush
Strawberry Pie Honeybush
Lime Jello Salad Green Tea
Mango Ice Cream Black Tea
Hot Buttered Banana Bread Black Tea

These teas are available as add-ons to a current pledge, or can be selected as the $10 tier or part of the $25 tier. I’ve also added a new incentive, for $75 you can get a sampler of all fifteen of the campaign reblends!


The new 3-Tier Tin. You can read about this tin here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/497705217/the-52teas-reboot-we-are-making-extraordinary-teas/posts/1191336

Each stackable tin set will be filled with three different teas, 2 reblends and one new flavor. There are four different collections for these special tins – and they’ll be available only through the Kickstarter campaign!

- – -

I’m so excited about being able to take over 52Teas and share with you the teas that I create.

To Kick off the 10 Day Countdown, I have launched a new vote in the comment section of my campaign for another FIVE Reblends! We are voting on a total of five reblends to make as Campaign reblends – these will be eligible for purchase with the $10 and $25 tiers.

I’ll be announcing the five top vote getters on Monday and at that time, I’ll introduce a new tier that will allow you to get all 15 campaign reblends.

So, come on! I know you want to get in on the fun!


THANK YOU to all of you wonderful people for your support, I’m really very grateful to all of you!

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Jillian said

So is it any five from the existing 52Teas blends or do we have to pick from a list of certain ones?

Any five!

Jillian said

okay, thanks.

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Good luck on the homestretch! :)

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Ándale! Ándale!

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Thank you everyone!

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Jillian said

Have you worked out what the Retro Monday tea is going to be?

Yes … I know what the Retro Monday tea is going to be but I’m not sure I want to reveal it yet!

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Jillian said

I’m confused – how do the new add-ons work and how much do they cost?

I’m sorry they sound confusing, I certainly didn’t intend on confusing anyone!

Backers are eligible for add-ons if they’ve pledged $25 or more.

The five-tea sampler sets are an additional $25 each set for US shipping.

The three-tier tea tin collections are an additional $35 for US shipping.

Again, I sincerely apologize for any confusion, I’ll try to reword the text so that it’s less confusing. :)

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Jillian said

Hmm I might have to alter my pledge – the worst part is that I only have enough money to afford 1 of the three-tier samplers but there’s teas in all of them that I desperately want.

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VariaTEA said

I told myself I didn’t need any more teas but you guys suckered me in with the three tier tins and once the flood gates were opened, I sort of just kept spending. Oh well. I look forward to trying the teas. Btw, we pick the campaign reblends we want when you send us the survey, right? Or did I completely miss a section to list our choices?

Hi! And thank you for your support!

Yes, I will send you a survey at the end of the campaign for you to fill out and let me know what teas you want!

Thank you again!

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We reached our first Stretch Goal today so everyone who has pledged at the $50 level or higher will be receiving an additional gift of a 1/2 ounce of tea – your choice of the campaign reblends.

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped make this happen for us! We are so grateful for your generous support and your belief in us!

We appreciate you!

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