eshma said

Quality Issue

Dear All,

I have few queries about my tea quality. I am related with tea business. But, unfortunately my tea’s quality is going down day by day. Like, my customers report that, if they boil my tea a bit more time then it’s color turn into absolutely black and some time arise bad smell . That’s why I am facing loss. So, if you guys help me to short it out, I will be grateful. If there any chemical to assure quality of Tea, please suggest me. Your advice is highly expected.



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Usually we would look to you for these answers, since you are a tea professional.

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AllanK said

Shouldn’t you start by asking whomever you source your teas from this question? Maybe you need to source your teas from someone else.

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You aren’t mentioning what type of tea is it.

If it gives off a bad smell, then it probably became spoiled. Keep your tea off humidity, heat, sunlight and in an airtight container. Tea picks odors easily, so don’t place it where it can do that.

Maybe it was badly processed to begin with, consult with your tea provider.

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Cwyn said

And there we have it, a dealer looking to add chemicals to sell bad tea.

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