Joy's Teaspoon is offering sample packs!

The Joy’s Teaspoon Cinco Sampler* (5 tea samples of your choosing) OR Ocho Sampler* (8 tea samples of your choosing) are as versatile as you want them to be!

Are you a tea drinker? Use the sample pack to try new varieties or to throw in your pocket, desk or purse.

Shopping for others? Give it as a gift at a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, house warming party, Hannukah or as stocking stuffers!

New to Tea? Consider this a beginner’s kit!

*Each sample provides two (2) 6oz. cups of tea or one (1) pot. If re-steeping green and white teas, those numbers can be doubled or tripled. Samples come enclosed in a clear cellophane bag with a notecard indicating brew times and temperatures.

Reminder: Please notate, prior to completing your order, the five (5) or eight (8) tea samples you are interested in receiving. Matcha not available with the sampler. Sampler pack does not include tea bags or an infuser.

Follow these links to order your sample pack today!

6 Replies

I love the idea of trying something new in a small quantity and also being able to carry it around easily. Now to narrow it down to 8 flavors. I think this may be how I get into black teas a little more. I worry about the traditional unflavored black teas but maybe I will try them this way. Throw them at the wall and see what sticks, without waisting any tea of course :)

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Jillian said

Well since you don’t ship outside of the US that rules me out I’m afraid. :(

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Ellen said

I ordered….
-sun kissed jasmine
-sunny passion
-summer sunrise
-emperor’s 7 Treasures
Very excited to try these!

I am a big Joy’s Teaspoon fan. Of course it is my sister’s company so I am just a little biased and extremely proud. I have had sunny passion, summer sunrise, and emporer’s 7 treasures. I like all of them. I think you will really enjoy them. I have Mahalo on order as well so we should compare notes soon!

Melanie said

Sun Kissed Jasmine and Sunny Passion are two of my favorites – hope you enjoy them too! Mahalo? I’ll have to go look at that one :-)

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Glad to hear you enjoyed those Melanie!

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