What tea is right for you in the morning? (quiz just for fun)

I am a contributing blog writer at http://blog.joysteaspoon.com/ I posted this a while back and it provided for some laughs and funny conversation…thought it might do the same here!

Tea in the morning can be more than just part of a balanced breakfast; it can be anything from a life saver to a gentle push all depending on the tea you pick. Knowing what kind of morning person you are can help you pick the perfect brew.
Take the short quiz below to determine your “morning” personality, then calculate your scores (I promise the math is simple) and see the explanations below to determine the morning tea that is right for you.

Your alarm clock goes off, you think…
A) What alarm clock? I wake with the natural rising of the sun to the sounds of birds chirping.
B) I’ll just hit snooze a few times and then start the morning grind
C) Can you count a crying child at 2am as an alarm clock?
D) If that alarm clock wants to live it will think twice before sounding off again

Your morning preparation looks most like…
A) Well first the woodland animals help me create a look, and then I hop into my pumpkin and am off!
B) I try to look nice without actually trying too hard. Shower, facebook, makeup, hair, shoes and then it is off to the races.
C) It’s kind of like a mad dash to get out of the house with the least amount of stains and diaper changes.
D) I have it down to an art, 20 minutes and I am out the door

Your dependence on caffeine can be summed up by the following…
A) I am on a natural high, life is my caffeine.
B) I consume it on occasion but I can go without and still function
C) Once a day, sometimes twice depending on the tasks at hand
D) I should probably be in a 12 step program but I am not ready to admit I have a problem so get off my back, oops time to get some caffeine!

Last one! During your commute to work you are most likely to utter the following…
A) “Oh what a beautiful mornin’, oh what a beautiful day. I got the funniest feelin’ ev’rthins’ goin’ my way” – Roger and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!
B) “One more red light and I might just lose my cool!”
C) “Come get these toys out of the hallway before someone really hurts themselves…Because I said so!”
D) “F*&^$#($&#))@*#ing driver, get the F(^&&%^&#$%#K out of my way before I F(&*^&^%$&^$ing use my horn and you know you don’t want that!

Count of the number of times you chose each letter. If you chose mostly one letter go straight to that description, ignoring all others. If you are tied between two pick a side, we are at war! Sorry, just read both descriptions that apply, congrats on being so complex!

Mostly As
You are best in the mornings and just naturally have a lot of energy. I hate you, I mean other people probably hate you, for this but you don’t mind because it is morning and you are feeling just fine! You likely do not need the caffeine so woudl try an Herbal Blend. Brew a warm cup first thing in the morning so you can sip as you whistle a happy tune all morning long.

Mostly Bs
You don’t love the mornings but once you hit your stride you are fine, it just takes a little encouraging. Also, take care of that morning breath since tooth brushing was not on the list you chose! For a non caffeinated choice we recommend a perky rooibos, something with a lemon or citrus taste. This is just the right amount of encouragement to get you moving. For a caffeinated choice try a nice green tea like a Genmaicha or a blend of teas like a green and white blend. Both tea types will have a clean taste that will give you a gentle boost in the morning while still giving you that much needed morning energy shot.

Mostly Cs
Did you actually have time to read this far? Listen, are your kids too quiet? Its fine, go check, we can wait. Awesome, high-five on not needing to rush to the emergency room! You are clearly a parent with much to do and whether your commute involves walking down the hallway or driving the carpool you do not have time to casually sip. For a non caffeinated choice I would try a yummy and aromatic rooibos, something creamy or spicy. You might also look for something that has raspberry in it which is very good for nursing mothers. We are assuming you are nursing a child because otherwise, “seriously, don’t be a hero, you need the caffeine!” For a caffeinated choice I would look for a tropical green tea that will whisk you to the tropics without leaving the comfort of your own mini-van. I also think a mint tea would be good, a flavorful and relaxing mint tea that will cover up that strange odor emanating from one of your adorable children.

Mostly Ds
Others may not get you but we do! You are a hoot with the owls at night kind of person who has to soar with the eagles in the morning, but not by choice. And while you likely go through alarm clocks pretty quickly you take charge and get things done no matter what. We won’t spend time on the non caffeinated choice because really what are the chances that you didn’t answer D for every question!?! You may be a little untraditional but you might find the more traditional teas to be exactly what you need. I would try an Assam or English Breakfast tea. Both are strong in flavor, smell, and are just as ready to kick butt and take names as you are, they may even help to tame that potty mouth of yours. Of course a flavored Assam, fruity even can add some excitement!

So what kind of morning person are you?

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Definitely a “D” person. Mornings and I don’t get along at all… I’d like Mornings a lot better if they started a little later.

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Jillian said

I was all over the place but I got two Ds and the description suits me well – my boyfriend calls me a Morning Zombie. I’ll stumble around in a grumpy, sleepy daze until after I’ve had my first cup of tea (I’m not picky at that point so long as it’s strong). After that I’m usually fine. :D

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Cofftea said

This was pretty correct considering my majority only numbered 2 (Bs) and I had 1 each A & D. I would have liked to see a little longer quiz to give the majority well… more of a majority lol. I’m really shocked, no matter what the size, that the majority was correct- I think this just may be the 1st quiz I ever took that was accurate.

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gmathis said

This is a little scary; mine were a-d-c-b. Don’t what to do with all four of me :)

That is impressive…I think it means you can close your eyes and pick a tea and it will be the right one! Congrats!

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I’m pretty sure they were following me around when they wrote the Bs. But… I like the teas for D better. :)

Cofftea said

I agree, the only 2 teas mentioned in mine are ones I don’t like. (Well I like green rooibos, but I do not by any means drink it daily). I also like chai or matcha in the morning.

I am also a B on this quiz I like the teas there but I also like the teas for D. I really love a green/black blend. Kind of the best of both worlds.

Cofftea said

Oh a green/black blend would give me a panic attack- I’m way too OCD about my steeping parameters:) I love greens and whites and I often do reach for them in the morning, but I also love a strong chai that gives me a wake up call from the spices just as much as the caffeine.

I guess to each their own…I cannot stand chai in any form. I am usually pretty OCD but not when it comes to tea. I am sure I will get there one day! :)

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I am SUCH a D (except that last one – I sit on a very well run train and have zero commuting stress!). I love the D teas the best so it all works out :)

At times I ride a train too but that does not prevent my commuting stress, maybe I just need more tea!

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I am for sure a C. While I might be dreaming of the tropics…all I can hear are the local monkeys!

however, your little monkey is adorable, cannot get that in a tea!

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Dan said

None of the above, I’m retired.

I am officially so far away from retirement I don’t even know how to write an appropriate quiz question for it! So what kind of teas are best in the morning for the happily retired?

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Cofftea said

When I read this to a friend who has 4 young children and got to the peppermint tea she exclaimed “Peppermint?! Peppermint is a diuretic! I don’t have time to go to the bathroom any more than I already do!” LOL!=D

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I only scored two A’s but that is spot on, love the early morning. I do tend to reach for a black tea of some description first up though.

Any particular black teas that you are sipping now?

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