What is the best Matcha you have had?

Im thinking about ordering some DoMatcha as I have read some awesome reviews on it. What os the best that you have ever had? Looking for an “everyday” best…Any help?

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LuckyMe said

OolongOwl did a nice roundup of different matchas on her blog: http://oolongowl.com/matcha-brand-comparison-2-round-2-mid-range-price-9-99-to-16-99-an-ounce/.

I have the organic DoMatcha ceremonial blend. It’s a pretty good tasting matcha that foams up really nice. That said I don’t think I’ll buy it again because it has a strong vegetal taste and is a tad overpriced IMO.

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We have a ceremonial grade that is sourced from Uji in Kyoto Japan. Not sure what grade you’re looking for but if you’re in the US I can ship a sample. I might be biased but out of all the matcha I tried, this was pretty tasty :)

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PM Sent.

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