Difference between bags and sachets.

When editing tea info, Steepster gives you four availability options: loose, bulk, sachets, or tea bags. But what’s the difference between sachets and bags? Thanks.

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Kaylee said

Sachets are usually filled with loose leaf tea. Teabags are usually filled with fannings. Accordingly, sachets tend to be larger in order to accomodate the larger leaf and give it room to expand. Sachets are often pyramid-shaped, while bags are usually pocket-shaped or flat circles.
Sachet: http://www.teaformeplease.com/2014/09/the-tea-spot-clouds-mist-sachets.html
Teabag: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tea_bag#/media/File:Tea_bags.jpg

Kaylee said

Here’s a nice little explanation for more detail, though they call their sachets “pyramid tea bags”.

Thanks for the explanation, now I can start labeling the entries properly as I drink them. :)

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