help me find an online tea merchant that offers this!!

hey all of you.

as some of you have seen i have been searching for a tea merchant online that accepts paypal. i do frequent business online from my own commerce site and i always have paypal dollars at the ready. i am looking for a merchant that carries the following or can make the following blend AND accept paypal.

English Breakfast tea
Assam Black tea
Irish Breakfast tea
Pu-erh tea
Lychee black tea

these are the teas i need. and remember the merchant must accept paypal. if any of you seller out there can see this PLEASE consider adding paypal as an option to buyers. you are turning away many potential customers who either prefer paypal or do not have plastic payment options.

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I carry 3 of the 5 teas you mentioned (English Breakfast, Assam and Pu-erh) on your list and I most definitely take PayPal!! Great holiday specials coming up over the next 2 days as well! Happy sipping!

hey joy.
kinda new to this site. i’m not sure how to pm you.
anyways i wanted to order 2 sample packs to try out some of your blends.
i was wondering if you had any promo codes i can use on my first order?

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thanks so much joy. it’s good to see someone is accepting paypal. how come barely any tea shop owners accept this?

Brian: There are actually quite a few that do accept paypal. I do/did when I sold, and you can find quite a few tea vendors on Etsy and Artfire that will also accept paypal.

Also Arbor Teas ( ) accepts paypal. SpecialTea Brew accepts paypal ( ) 52Teas accepts paypal ( )

These are the three that come to mind immediately. But there are many more because I generally prefer to use paypal rather than my credit card to shop online too. More and more companies are beginning to embrace it too.

Hi again, Brian. I just thought I would put my 2-cents worth in here and let you know that most (particularly larger operation) merchants do not accept Paypal because Paypal charges as much as 2.9% AND 30-cents per transaction. You can find credit card processors that will charge less than 2% with little or no per-transaction charge. So, if I’m selling an $8 pouch of tea, Paypal will get 53-cents before I see a dime. I’m not ecstatic about this, but I do it because I know there are a lot of customers (like you) who prefer it. But most vendors you will find pretty much agree that Paypal is evil. =)

Lori said

Hmm… that is a huge upcharge for Paypal- I did not realize that. I think I may use the credit card instead…

Marcus said

Paypal is also a little bit difficult to add to a website. Most tea companies use some type of 3rd party shopping cart, and figuring out how to integrate paypal isn’t the easiest thing.

It isn’t the hardest thing either, but I I know it is one our “to-do” list.

@Lori, I am pretty sure the upcharge for credit cards is far greater than paypal.

@Sarah: not always. It really depends upon the merchant account. Some merchant accounts are significantly lower. That being said, I was burned terribly by my merchant account that I had at the start up of my business, so I don’t have much good to say about merchant accounts – having never had a bad experience with paypal, it is my preference even as a vendor.

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Upton has a huge variety of teas and they do accept paypal:)

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Cloudwalker Teas accepts paypal too and specializes in a line of aged, sheng, wet-stored pu erh tea for its chi energy and health benefits.

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I am working on trying to recreate this tea for Brian in a single blend, using broken leaf teas (which are bolder, in my opinion). It strikes me as an interesting recipe. That’s a LOT of tea, most of which (the breakfast blends and assams) would seemingly be working to drown out the more delicate flavors of the lychee and the puerh.

I just wrote that and realized you guys don’t have the actual recipe. This is what Brian emailed me:

“There are a lot of stories about how to make this silky-smooth favourite cup from this buzzing oriental city. We don’t pretend to be the experts, but we can tell you this: absolutely elementary ingredients for this tea is English Breakfast and evaporated milk.
Make 2 cups
1 tbsp English Breakfast
1 tbsp Assam Black tea
1 tbsp Irish Breakfast
1 tsp Pu-erh
1 tsp Lychee black tea
2x 1/3 cup of evaporate milk
2x 1 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
2 teapots Steep all tea leaves in 400ml boiling water for 5 minutes.
Strain and pour the tea from one teapot to another from about a forearm’s height to aerate the tea (this can be quite messy – best do it in the kitchen sink).
Pour it back and forth between the two teapots for 3-4 times. Little bubbles will form in the tea as you aerate the tea.
Get two cups, pour in each cup 1/3 evaporated milk and 1 tbsp sweetened condensed milk. Then add in brewed tea. Ready to enjoy.
Sweetened with sweetened condensed milk or sugar if desired.
Want it:
More fragrant: add 1 tbsp Ceylon Classic OP
More “caramelly” or Redder brew: add 1 extra Assam black tea
The Brew darker with a stronger overall taste: use more irish breakfast or more broken leaf tea leaves "

I find it amazing that the recipe calls for adding even more tea to make it darker, or more caramely, etc.

Have any of you ever experimented with making super strong tea with lots of loose tea and a tiny bit of water? I mean, I know you could, but would you still be able to taste the subtler qualities of the tea?

I’m crafting a BOP Nilgiri/Assam blend lightly flavored with lychee (I got some natural lychee flavoring quite some time back, but I never found any lychee fruit to add to a blend with it, and I kind of hate offering flavored teas that don’t have actual chunks in them. =) ) Anyway, I guess we will see if this is close to what he had in Hong Kong. Fingers crossed.

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Wow, that recipe above sounds wonderful! Regarding the comments above about PayPal, my husband and I are starting a new internet based tea company that will launch in the next week or two and we are using PayPal. For a start-up it seems to make things easier for the customer and the merchant. I’m so glad to hear that some customers perfer to use PayPal over other methods of payment.
PS: Our site is

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You have excellent taste. Pu-erh is certainly a favorite around here. We also do accept paypal.

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