Naturally Buttery, Creamy tea

Hi tea aficionados,

I love that naturally buttery, milky, creamy flavor that come with some teas. I’ve mostly found it with the high mountain Oolongs and occasionally with some Green Teas. I would love some suggestions for naturally buttery, creamy teas (by natural I mean no added butter or cream flavorings).

I would especially love a recommendation for a creamy or buttery pu-erh (if that exists) as I’ve really been getting into pu-erh tea lately.

Any suggestions welcome! Thanks!

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JakeB said

If you hadn’t had Milk Oolong from Mandala, I recommend that highly!
Golden Turtle is good too.

I’ve bought Tealyra’s Jin Xuan Milk Oolong before too. It is cheaper, but not as good.

I haven’t had either of those teas, I will put them on my to order list! Thanks for the response JakeB! Much appreciated :)

Zennenn said

Be aware the milk oolong from mandala, when I last bought it, was flavored. The reviews on Steepster seem to indicate otherwise.

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MzPriss said

For a creamy shu I like Huron from Whispering Pines. There was some lao cha tou that Yunnan Sourcing had that I loved and thought was creamy. Alas, it’s gone, but there is a brick from the same material. If Scott sees this he will know of the top of his head. I will have to look it up.

Thanks for the tips! Will have to try that in my next WP order :)

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JakeB said

Mine certainly wasn’t flavoured. It smells kindof like it is, but it tastes a bit different than it smells, unlike most flavoured teas from my experience.

Zennenn said

Hi Jake, the website says it is aromatized. I was surprised too. If you research aromatized tea, you’ll find it can be artificial or natural, such as aromatized with bergamot.

JakeB said

Thanks for sharing! So do aromatised teas fall under the category of being flavoured because I was under the impression that they weren’t?

Garret said

Just to reassure you, our milk oolong is not artificially aromatized. I have been sourcing my Taiwanese milk oolong from the same source since 2007, met with him in 2008 in China. It is clean. Also, if you are looking for the non-aromatized version of this tea, try our Jin Xuan oolong. Pronounced like Jean Schwann. Very good tea and right now all our teas are 20% off, no coupon needed. Thanks!

JakeB said

I’ve tried the Jin Xuan as well and it is good also! I prefer the Milk Oolong, but that’s just me. The later steeps end up tasting about the same.

Zennenn said

Your oolongs are lovely, Garret. My favorite Da Hong Pao came from Mandala. (OP, def not creamy, but delish).

Thanks for the info guys! I ordered some of the Milk Oolong from Mandala yesterday along with some samples of pu-erh. Will try the Jin Xuan next time :)

I do have some Jin Xuan from my local tea shop in Chinatown Vancouver, and it is probably my favorite tea, I always go back to it!

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shezza said

I reeeally like Tea Ave’s Alishan Jin Xuan

Thanks, will put that on my tea list!

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I have a Taiwanese Oolong that is very good and has a lot of that buttery flavor. It was given to me by some exchange students who stayed with my mom. They said it was an excellent tea and were very excited to give it to her. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find out much else about it as I never had a chance to talk to them myself. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of that buttery flavor in tea, so if you are interested in trying it send me a message. I’d be happy to send some your way.

Hi Just John,
I would love to swap you something for it. What kinds of tea do you enjoy?

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Ginkosan said

Try sampling Yunnan Sourcing’s Ye Zhu Tang.

Thank you, I will!

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duckboogie said

Just popping in to agree that Mandala Tea’s Milk Oolong is delicious. Another milk oolong/jin xuan to check out is from Tea Trekker. I bought it on a whim and 4oz of it too since I was about to head to bed, but after trying the tea, I’m very glad I got so much of it.

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