Shae said

Tealated Closed

I just tried accessing the Tealated website and there is a message there that says that the company has closed its doors. Is this a pretty recent closing or did I just miss this? Anyway, I didn’t see any mention of it on the message boards so I thought I would post it here as an FYI.

Update – Just found this link on their Facebook page (December 21, 2015):

“We are closing our doors to focus on our new adventure promoting tea culture at Teaprints! We want to thank all our wonderful customers and hope you will connect with us on our TeaPrints Facebook page.”

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boychik said

I saw it on Instagram before the Christmas I think

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I know a lot of people really liked their tea. The shirts are pretty neat though. I’m currently running a giveaway with them on my blog if anyone wants to enter :)

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