Coljee said

Green tea and hair


I recently got into tea by a recommendation of a friend.
Turns out I really love green tea with some lemon!
Now one of the reasons I also started with green tea is because I heard drinking it can stop hairloss and maybe even regrow it?
I’m 19 and already have to deal with some male pattern baldness, that’s why I’m interested :p
Anyone who can confirm this?

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tperez said

Unfortunately I don’t think that claim has much scientific backing. People make all sorts of unfounded claims about the health benefits of tea. While it surely has some good vitamins and minerals in it, tea isn’t going much good for weight loss, hair regrowth, cholesterol, etc.

You have however stumbled upon the most delicious hot beverage on the planet!

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Rosali Tea said

Hmm…I wonder what would happen if you washed your hair with green tea?

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Honestly, I’d take any health claims you hear about tea with a generous grain of salt. But if you like it, you should keep drinking it.

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As a cancer survivor I can say nope, it won’t regrow your hair. Sorry. :)

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Ezrsgold said

I have the same problem, im 25. I tried drinking it but i didnt notice any improvements. Ive seen on youtube that some people recommend rinsing your hair with it, but im not sure if that would help.

You coul try to look in to pepermint oil. Ive seen some research done on mice where it showed a lot of hair growth. Just dilute it with other oils if you want to give it a try!

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Ubacat said

Green tea has many health benefits but I don’t think it can prevent hair loss. It does increase the antioxidants in your blood which in turn makes you healthier. As a result, a healthier person may have better hair quality and growth but I think it would hardly be noticeable. Keep drinking and let us know in 10 years.

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