Best tea for energy?

Hi everyone! I just wanted to get your take on your recommendations for tea that gives you energy. I don’t just mean caffeinated teas here – I mean a particular blend, or an herbal mix that is good for your energy.

Black tea is actually NOT energy producing for me because I’m iron deficient, so it takes it away!

Looking forward to hearing your advice!

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Equusfell said

Zesty ginger blends! Anything that smells nice and bright. Citrus and ginger do that for me.
Personally, I drink matcha for the caffeine hit. I hear that some shengs have an ‘energizing’ cha qi rather than a relaxing one… If you find such a tea, it may work better for you than caffeine?

Thanks! The cha qi concept is really interesting, I’ll have to read more about it. :)

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Matcha! Instead of discarding the tea leaves, you consume them all. It gives a nice boost of energy and has L-Theanine, an amino acid that’ll keep you feeling calm, but alert :)

I might be biased since I sell it, but I drink it every morning and it really helps me start my day.

Cool! Thanks! I’ve been drinking sencha in the morning but it would be interesting to see what would happen if I switched to matcha. :)

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curlygc said

I drink yerba mate every morning. Not tea, but still… far superior to coffee IMO.

Zephyr select said

Agreed. Especially a roasted mate. I’m a big fan of roasted mate blends for a good pick me up.

Hmm, interesting idea! I’m pretty unfamiliar with mate. Where do I start?

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Anfeca said

Ginseng Ooling works really good for me :)

Oh you know I love that oolong!

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Sara said

Yerba mate is great for energy! My favorite is Kusmi’s BB Detox, it’s a mate/green tea blend with grapefruit flavors, so tasty. If you like things on the sweeter side, David’s Tea has some I really like (Chocolate Rocket, mmm) and even after ten years of tea education and expanding my range I still enjoy Teavana’s Matevana.

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t-ching said

Guayusa really gets me energized.

Whoa, what’s that? Tell me about it! I’m really new to tea.

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