Free tea samples - anyone know of companies offering free samples?

Hey fellow tea drinkers! Does anyone know of which companies give away free tea samples? I know that Mighty gives you free samples when you order tea from them – I’ve done that. Now I want to try some other companies. Thanks in advance!

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John S. said

The two that come to mind are Yogi: and Ego Tea: I’d really like to know if there are others.

Hi John! I’d love to send some samples out if there was something on the site you might be interested in? Just shoot me a note at [email protected].

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Chicago Tea Garden offers free samples, but you pay $3 for shipping.
Den’s Tea offers a $3 sampler with free shipping (basically the same thing).

I like that Den’s Tea also includes a coupon for $3 off your next order, too.

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Joy’s Teaspoon gladly mails 2-3 free samples, postage included. Just email me with your requests and I can get them mailed out. [email protected]

We also have a pair of sampler packs that we offer on the site (links below). They are customizable and each sample makes enough tea for 2 single servings or one pot.

Cinco Sampler
Ocho Sampler

Thanks for the offer. I have sent my requests.

Looking forward to your feedback Rachel!

Uniquity said

I just got extremely excited…then realized I’m Canadian. Does the note on your website about non-American shipping still stand? I’ll survive regardless, as I did get 11 new teas this week and found a local vendor at the farmer’s market but it always stings a bit to be denied shipping to Canada. : )

Really appreciate the offer!! Just sent my requests as well. Take care!!

Kristen said

Thank you! I have been eyeing up some on the site to place and order but would love to try some first! I appreciate your offer and look forward to becoming a customer!

Meghann M said

That is a wonderful offer, thank you! I sent an email request. I look forward to trying a sample of your teas and going from there!

Uniquity, when I first launched the website in April 2010, I had opted to only ship within the US so I could get a handle on everything. I appreciate your note because I think it is high time for me to ship to Canada. It will take me a day or two to set up my system for Canadian orders, but in the meantime, feel free to email me ([email protected]) with your mailing address and a few teas you might like and I will get them in the mail to you!

Uniquity said

Oh my goodness, What an excellent treat this morning!! I definitely understand the difficulties of cross country shipping. After extensively looking at your list of available teas, I’m going to ask for the ones I’ve been interested in the start. E-mail heading your way soon, thank you so much!!

How delightful! I’ve also emailed my requests. Thanks for your generous offer!

brandy3392 said

I really appreciate the generosity in sending out the tea samples. It’s great that your company is able to do this. Thank you again!

I already have my samples——I can’t believe how prompt you were in shipping out free samples! I’m truly impressed with your efficiency!

I’m presently sipping on Cinnamon Roll & I’ll make a tasting note as soon as I’ve finished.

Thanks again!

I got mine already too. I was shocked to see it. It actually came faster then another sample I am waiting for from another company. Bonus points for speed. Thank you!

Kristen said

Thanks so much! The samples came today and they smell great!

Batrachoid said

T hank you for the tea! Picking is hard.

brandy3392 said

I got my samples today! I can’t wait to taste and review them.

Hi Joysteaspoon, is your offer still available? If so, I’d love to give your teas a whirl! :) Thanks!

I’d love to try these, but I’m having a hard time narrowing it down to three! I want to try them all! :D

edited 1.27: Alright, after some thinking (I’m horrible with decisions), I narrowed it down. E-mail sent! thanks

edited 2.4: Got my teas yesterday! Haven’t tried them yet, but will review them as soon as I do! thank you

Tabby said

I just put my request in, too! Thank you!! :D

Dede said

Thank you so much for the samples!!! I really enjoyed the English Breakfast and have moroccan mint on my menu for breakfast! :)

Glad to hear you are all enjoying the teas! And I love getting all of the feedback. Much appreciated everyone!

Batrachoid said

Yay! I got mine. Oh, they smell good. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks!

Uniquity said

My two tastes as great as they smelled – thanks!

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teawing said

As have I, can’t wait to try…

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Wow…glad I didn’t have anything boring planned tonight! This is way more fun! Thanks for the requests all! Can hardly wait to hear your thoughts!

Login or sign up to post a message. ships a free “surprise” sample of Taiwan oolong with every order.

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Chi of Tea said

We are getting ready to give our newsletter subscribers an opportunity for free samples next week. No purchase necessary (and we cover the shipping anywhere). But you must be subscribed to the newsletter. If you like them, we offer $8 shipping world wide! Or free shipping on all orders $50 or more.

Newsletter subscribers also get a 15% off coupon on your next order.

The instructions for free samples will be sent to subscribers around the first of next week.

Meantime, figure out which 3 teas you would like to sample.

I am subscribed to the newsletter and haven’t gotten an E-Mail yet. Has anyone else heard anything yet? Just curious.

There’s a thread about the Chi of Tea samples on the second page of discussions where they’ve said “we are delaying the release for this newsletter for a little longer, waiting to finish a couple new arrivals over the next couple days to add to the available sample list.”

LOL all I had to do was turn the page. Thanks! :-)

Haha, no problem! I saw it when it hadn’t made it to the next page or I’d never have noticed, either.

nmbousquet said

Did Chi of Tea ever start giving out free samples? I subscribed to the newsletter and never got an email about it.

Yes, they did! I got the newsletter on February 2nd and received samples. I’ve also had a number of other emails from them. Perhaps try emailing?

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MTLCynthia said

I know david’s tea ships 3 free samples with every online order

I had no idea! Cool – I’ll have to check this out. Any recommendations?

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MTLCynthia said

If your looking to drop a few pounds try THE SKINNY, i’ve been drinking it for a month now and have lost 10 lbs!

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Got the samples from Joy’s – Thank you very much! The tea was great. The Assam was very good and the Sunny Passion was delicious also. You won’t go wrong ordering from Joy’s Teaspoon.

Thanks Casa! Glad to hear you enjoyed the teas and safe travels!

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