Tuck said

how to warm the teapot

Yes, I pre-heat. I usually use hot tap water. My understanding is it improves the flavour and warms the pot. I do not put boiling water into the pot because I thought the pot may crack from the rapid rise in temperature.
Could someone please give their opinion?

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Spot52 select said

I do not usually pre-heat my kyusu. But I do this because it drops the water temp to 180, which is the temp I use in it.
I do pre-heat it when I am drinking black tea because I need the higher water temperature for blacks. I think water quality and temperature have a lot to do with the taste.
I do however place boiling water in the tea pot to heat it up. I do not know of any cracks, and I have been doing it for years. But I could just be luck.

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Uniquity said

I use boiling water for my tea on a regular basis (pouring it into the pot, often without warming it first). Teapots are designed to withstand boiling water, in general. I’ve taken to warming mine lately, but I usually just use hot tap water as I’m giving it a rinse.

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teazen said

To me tea tastes better when the pot is pre-heated. I use a porcelain tea pot and heated it with boiling water. So far no cracks :)

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ecsalts said

I did end up with crazing in a novelty-shaped teapot many years ago after adding boiling water to it without pre-warming. It eventually became unusable. Rinsing the pot first with hot water seems to do the trick.

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