Katefitz said

Orange blossom tea recommendations

I had this amazing orange blossom herbal tea at Laduree recently, but while they sell a lot of their teas loose to take home, not this one. Also, not their equally lovely orange blossom oolong. Their Mathilde tea does contain orange blossom, among other flavors, but lacks the delicacy and strength of orange blossom flavor of the other two – which I cannot get.

I really love the delicate flavor of orange blossom, but so many teas that claim to be orange blossom also have significant amounts of orange peel, which is a different and stronger flavor and tends to overpower the blossom. It just isn’t the same.

Does anyone have any really good orange blossom teas – herbal or blends with white, green, black or oolong – to recommend?

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LuckyMe said

I love orange blossom as well but have yet to find a tea that tastes like it. The closest is this Citrus Flower scented oolong from TTC: https://www.taiwanteacrafts.com/product/citrus-flower-scented-four-seasons-oolong-tea-lot-440/?v=7516fd43adaa

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Orange no, but I have had tangerine blossom scented red tea from Shang’s Tea, it is one of my favorites ever http://www.shangtea.com/Tangerine-Blossom

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