Where Do You Brew? Photo Contest

Take the teahouse to the streets!

Whether sipping from a Samovar Thermos, a traditional mate gourd, or a personal travel cup, folks around the world are taking their Samovar teas with them wherever they go. Share your tea adventures and you could win $200 in tea and tea ware!

The Where Do You Brew? photo contest is that simple – just take a picture of yourself brewing your Samovar tea. Riding the bus to work? Scuba diving? Mountain climbing? We want to see the coolest spots where you’re brewing tea!

Win the contest and you’ll get all sorts of tea gear for more adventures: a $70 gift certificate for the online store, a Samovar Tetsubin, a Samovar Thermos, and three travel-ready teas: Breakfast Blend, Wuyi Oolong, and Bai Mudan. Two second place winners will receive boxes of Breakfast Blend, Wuyi Oolong, Bai Mudan, and a sturdy reuseable infuser basket.

Contest Details:

Submit a photo of you brewing your Samovar tea on the go and send it to [email protected] a m o v a r l i f e.com by 2/28/11. You may also send a description such as what your favorite Samovar tea is, where you are, how you brew your tea on the go, etc. (description is optional). Photos and descriptions may be posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

For more contest info AND 20% off our Travel-ready teas, check out our website: http://samovarlife.com/samovar-photo-contest/

Happy Brewing!

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The recent photo submissions are on the FB page: http://www.facebook.com/samovarlife

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