Elyse said

Lotus tea?

So my suitemate went to thailand for xmas break. They brought back for me a bunch of tea, one of which was a lotus blend. They were rather sketchy tea blends, with no company name on it but i tried them anyway. The first tea I tried was the lotus blend, and HOLY COW that was BITTER. I mean I like better things, I’ll suck on a lemon for the taste, but this just tasted like a root that was pulverized and mixed with dirt.
I guess my question is, What is lotus supposed to taste like? Is it bitter? Should I avoid trying lotus teas ever again having been scarred for life?
Thanks for all your insights

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A photo will help. I wonder if it’s made of the “lotus seed heart”, which is basically the embryonic bud of lotus seed. If so, it’s not tea leaf, but an herbal tea. It doesn’t have caffeine and is famous for its bitterness and cooling power. If it’s really it, then you should use by far less amount than when brewing real tea leaves. Many people don’t like drinking lotus seed heart by itself. Most people use it as an herbal medicine or “spice” in an herbal mix.

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K S said

I have no idea what you have but it is not my experience. I have only found a couple versions locally. Tazo makes a decaf lotus green that I enjoy a lot. It is not bitter – maybe if you oversteep it the green tea might be astringent. Lotus is slightly sweet and lightly flowery. I don’t like Jasmine or Rose tea as I find them to be overpowering or taste like perfume water. Lotus to me is more subtle, not overdone and simply relaxing.

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