Robyn said

Rating Number


I’m new to Steepster, and am not sure if maybe there is something wrong with my browser. When I go to rate a tea, I see the faces, but I can’t see a number as I slide along the bar indicating the exact number out of 100 that I am rating the tea. Is this intentional?

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Don’t worry, the numbers don’t show up on the slider for anyone. You can always go to “You” (top right hand corner of page), click on Tea Ratings, and then can edit the ratings to the exact number you want.

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Ovy Ortega said

I think this could be a fault, and perhaps it is a feature that should be implemented- numbers on the ratings. You cannot calculate emoticons!

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Jason admin said

In reality, there is supposed to be a number on the slider. The fact that it’s not showing up was just an accident. However, the original intention of the slider was actually supposed to be something closer to rating based on emoticons :). We wanted to test and see what happened if people rated more from a gut feeling and overall sense rather than a strict numbers comparison.

…in case you were wondering.

I’m new to the site. I’ve rated and reviewed 2 teas so far. I just found out that you can write a log entry without giving the tea a rating. I’m really not a fan of giving ratings. Is there any way that I can erase the rating number that I gave these 2 teas?

Uniquity said

Pick the tea in question, hit “review this tea” and then hit reset (to the right of “how would you rate this tea”). Should reset it, then save your note to make it stick. I’m pretty certain you can then delete the note and the rating change stays the same.

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