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Weight of matcha

I go thru a rediculous amount of matcha so it would be really helpful to know how many servings I would get out of a certain. How much does the average tsp of matcha weigh? I prefer Ceremonial grade, does the weight differ by grade?

P.S. Suggestions on inexpensive and/or bulk organic ceremonial grade matcha would be fabulous- the more vibrant green the color, the better.

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I think it’s 1/2 g per tsp, but since you use 2 tsp per 3-4oz cup (4 tsp for koicha), then 1g is about 1 serving (usucha). Most matchas (high quality ones at least) seem to come in 20g, or perhaps 40g sizes.

Have you tried Den’s Premium Restaurant Matcha? Kind of random, but I know they sell it by the 1/2 pound.
I’ve never had DoMatcha, but it seems like they are very popular – have you simply emailed them to see if they offer bulk sizes?

I know Maiko tea specifically states you can buy bulk size from them by simply requesting it.

Also, has bulk sizing/packaging too. (Not sure if they have bulk matcha but worth checking out)

Cofftea said

Awesome. Thanks. I use 3-4tsp a day so that’ll help me plan. Restaurant matcha doesn’t even sound good. I don’t even use kitchen/cooking grade for smoothies/food. Organic Ceremonial Grade 100% of the time for me. Lupicia sells a 100g bag and it’s ok, but I reserve that for times when my finances scream “Either you get this or go without”. I haven’t seen 40g containers, It’s usually 20 or 30. DoMatcha is good, but it’s expensive too. Will look at Maiko and Thanks for the suggestions.

No problem! Most of the time, you will find 40g containers from companies located in Japan (as the Japanese need larger sizes, as they drink it much more often!).

Actually, I just found a good one for you. This company sells it by the 200g can, and has MANY quality options as well:
(to figure out the cost in USD, just remove the last two digits; ie 1,100 JPY is roughly $11 USD).
Hope you can find one that’s good!

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elemental said

A level teaspoon of matcha typically weights between 1.5 and 2.0 grams.

garbuck said

I just weighed a level teaspoon of Izu Matcha. It came in at 2.4 grams.

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