toby8653 said

Curated Puerh Box 0003: The Taiwanese Connection II

Sourced by your truly and facilitated by Emilio of The Jade Leaf

Storage condition: Taiwan natural storage
Cost: 100USD including registered airmail to your city
Deadline: 2016/11/09
Dispatch time: 2016/11/14
This time I am not giving away too much information about the tea but this is what in the box:
1) 40g of 2005 Menghai area wild material raw brick
2) 30g of 2005 Baoshan/Lincang/Simao/Banna area old arbor stone pressed cake
3) 2000 Menghai Dayi 100g raw tuo

PM me if you are interested.
(Whole cakes/bricks of Box 0002 are available for purchase as well)

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toby8653 said

Four (or five?) boxes have been taken.
The brick is 500g (hint hint!) and the cake is 400g and the dayi tuo are sold in 5 tuos pack, so ideally we are looking at making 12 of them.

So please contact us ASAP to avoid disappointment. We might not be able to offer more than 12 slots since the 05 500g Menghai brick is not cheap (it is 500g after all) and it is not be viable to buy a whole brick for a few slots. :-)

Matu said

Sent you a message on Instagram.

toby8653 said

Got your payment. Thanks!

toby8653 said

7 boxes sold and paid.
Due to tea #1 is rather pricy and come in the size of 500g.
I wouldn’t able to provide more than 12 boxes, so currently we have 5 left (unless there are lots of interest after that to justify to purchase another brick). So, be quick :-)
I will get the brick, the cake Iand some tuos sometimes this week.

toby8653 said

3 left

Inkay said

I am interested. Could you follow so I can PM? Or could you just PM me, as I followed you. Thanks either way!

toby8653 said

done :-)

toby8653 said

Last one :-)

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